The following steps outline the installation process for integrating Zoo Tools into Unreal Engine.

Before you begin, ensure that you have the following:

  • A compatible version of Unreal Engine installed on your system. We’ve tested Unreal engine 5.2+.

  • A Zoo Tools installation on your system. Zoo unreal requires Zoo 2.8.1+

To get ZooToolsPro to work in Unreal you need to have the following Unreal plugins enabled.

  • Python Editor Script Plugin.

Make sure to restart Unreal after enabling the Unreal plugins.

Next we simply need to specify to path to the unreal found in Zoo installation in your project settings.


The path needs to be set for each Unreal project separately.

  1. First go to the Project Settings Window under the Edit Menu.

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Go To Project Settings.

  1. Next go to the Python section in the Project Settings Window.

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Find Python in the Left Hand View.

  1. Find the section called startup scripts and click the Plus button to add a new startup script.

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Click Add.

  1. Now Add the path to the file found in your Zoo Tools installation.

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Add the path to the file found in your Zoo Tools installation.

  1. Now Restart Unreal and you should see the Zoo Tools Menu in Unreal.

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ZooTools Menu In Unreal.