1.1.17 (2023-06-22)


  • (Definitions) Update toolDefinitions to use new Host Engine code.

  • (Prefswidget) Only show startup options in maya.

  • (Tooldata) Update old tooldata imports to use zoo.core version.


  • (Core) Moved Preferences core into zootools main, left behind constants, assets and stylesheet due to dependencies.

1.1.16 (2023-05-10)


  • (Preferenceswidget) Temporary hide stylesheet edit and add buttons.

1.1.15 (2023-05-03)


  • (Preferencesui) Manually settings the preferences path through the lineEdit will now correctly setting the zoo preferences json file.

  • (Preferencesui) Setting new preferences Location will no longer always append “zoo_preferences” path to user specified folder, to avoid any double ups and to allow custom folder names.


  • (Preferencesui) Delayed requesting for moving/setting the preferences folder until save or apply is clicked.

  • (Preferencesui) Moving a folder to an existing location will now request whether to delete it before moving or simply cancel.

1.1.14 (2023-04-05)


  • (Prefs) Added autoLoad plugin to prefs.

  • (General_Prefswidget.Py) Added tooltips to new prefs checkbox start up buttons.


  • (Startup) Fix startup file to avoid importing modules before they exist due to later zoo version logic.


  • (Preferences) Removed prefutils module because individual interface access function has moved into their specific repo.

1.1.13 (2023-01-25)


  • (Window) Fix window dpi scaling issues on main window.

  • (Preferencesui.Py) Fixed 4k double sized zoo preferences window.


  • (License) Update copyright for 2023.

1.1.12 (2022-10-26)


  • (Mainwindow) Removed show argument from init function due to visual artifacts it can cause due to events.

  • (Preferenceui) Fix window position saving.

1.1.10 (2022-07-20)


  • (Stylesheet) Halved treeview item padding.

  • (Interfaces) Moved coreInterface function to interfaces.coreInterfaces and depreciated prefutils to decouple preferences from other packages.

1.1.9 (2022-05-31)


  • (Gui) Delay show event til after all contents has been initialized.

  • (Stylesheet) Fix changing stylesheet via preferences causing UIs to go transparent.

  • (Stylesheet) General fixes to Zoo window styling.

  • (Stylesheet) QAbstractItemView disabled items not changing color.

  • (Stylesheet) QComboBox dropdown icon in disabled state continues to display white icon, now removes the icon.

  • (Stylesheet) QHeaderView disabled state continues to display white icon.

  • (Stylesheet) Removed redundant Forced QTextEdit and QLineEdit style.

  • (Stylesheet) StackItem QLineEdit style overriding all child line edits which disabled tableviews edit styling.

  • (Stylesheet) TreeView branch style not matching item style.

  • (Themedict) Poor initialization of themedict.


  • (Minibrowser) Moved minibrowser to zoo_pyside.

  • (Stylesheet) Initial Color Pass on TabWidget style.

  • (Stylesheet) Merged DirectoryTitlebar and titleBar style keys to avoid extra complexity.

  • (Stylesheet) Merged directoriesTree and QTreeView style to avoid extra complexity.

  • (Stylesheet) Updated QMenu styling and added numberLine widget to styling.

1.1.8 (2022-04-16)


  • (Core) Fix Widget already has a layout warnings.

  • (Core) Fix defaultPreferencePath hard coding the root.

  • (Core) Incorrect function call for determining maya mode.

  • (Coreinterface) Fix userPreferences method hardcoding paths.


  • (Assets) Asset browser currentPackagePath to use inspect module lib instead of flaky work around.

  • (Core) Reading user_preference root path from installation now comes from zoo manager class.

  • (Core) Reduced the time it takes to load the UI.

  • (Pluginmanager) Added name to plugin manager for logging.

  • (Prefutils) Removed redundant local imports.

  • (Stylesheet) Added table view up/down arrow icons.

  • (Stylesheet) Fix missing QMenu selection and background colors in stylesheet.


  • (Core) Removed flake8.

1.1.7 (2022-03-14)


  • (Core) Fix specific use of ntpath instead use os.path.


  • (Misc) Support for category folders in asset preferences.

1.1.6 (2022-02-22)


  • (Assets) Fix Preferences being saved multiple times when creating directories.

  • (Browsers) Fix sub folders which are prefixed with “.” getting included.

  • (Browsers) Temporarily force a preferences save.

  • (Core) Settings method to correctly handle settings key queries.


  • (Shelf) Moved preferences tool definition from zoo_maya.

1.1.5 (2022-02-04)


  • (Collapsableframethin) Styling for CollapsableFrameThin.

  • (Styling) Added Disabled colors for JoinedRadiobutton.


  • (Assets) FileNotFoundError raised when assets pref folder doesn’t exist and the folder was deleted between 2 session.


  • (Collapsableframelayout) Rename to CollapsableFrame.

  • (Core) Move pluginManager interface initialization to iterable.

  • (Doc) Additional doc for preferences.

  • (Qss) Style changes for JoinedRadioButton and Divider.


  • (Styling) Apply disable style only on disable.

  • (Styling) Json issue for styling.

1.1.4 (2022-01-18)


  • (Preferencesconstants.Py) Added “VRay” and “Maya” as optional renderers to Zoo > General Preferences.

1.1.3 (2021-12-18)


  • (Joined Radio) Joined radio button styling.

1.1.1 (2021-12-08)


  • (Change Log) Add change log stub.

  • (Logging) Add additional debug logging for assets preferences.

  • (Preferences) More debug messages for preferences.


  • (Minibrowser) Fix incorrect signal parameters for minibrowsers.

  • (Minibrowser) Fix issue where empty asset folders can clear preferences.