1.3.26 (2023-08-22)


  • (Toolpalette) Change Definition type to Action Type for better clarity in naming.

1.3.25 (2023-08-11)


  • (Zoo_Light_Suite_Shelf.Layout) Added new tooltips for the Lighting shelf icon.

1.3.24 (2023-06-22)


  • (Lightpresets.Py) Added support for other maya unit scene types, inches, feet, yards etc.

1.3.23 (2023-04-05)


  • (Preferences) Ported LightSuites pref interface function from preferences repo.

1.3.21 (2023-01-25)


  • (Fixviewport.Py) Now turns the viewport light mode off when deleting the light rig.


  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Fixed name issue while changing renderer but it was still naming with the incorrect renderer suffix.


  • (License) Update copyright for 2023.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Now created skydomes named hdriSkydome_SUFFIX not skydomeLight_SUFFIX which is an Arnold term.

  • (Licence) Fix licence copyright date.

1.3.20 (2022-10-26)


  • (Shelf) Added Refresh viewport action to shelf menu.


  • (Minibrowsers) Removed Redundant item model arguments.

1.3.19 (2022-07-20)


  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Added Advanced mode back for HDRI Skydomes.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Added the name textbox in advanced mode.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Linked UI Rotation and Intensity settings to middle click virtual sliders.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Load and save multiply and offset info to zooInfo files. Data is remembered.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Uses new methods for setting and getting rotateOffset and intensityMultiply values. Creating new lights simplified code.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Intensity and rotation multipliers to the UI and for getters and setters.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Offset and multiply data is handled in the UI sliders.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Refresh button to reset the offset and multiply info.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Tooltips on buttons.


  • (Browsers) Removed Redundant Image view chunk size override.

  • (Hdriskydomes) Default image load count.

  • (Minibrowser) Reduced Image loading count to 20 vs 200 to speed up UI load time.


  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Support for connected attributes. UI will be disabled if the attributes are connected. Added ( ) Added rename, delete and refresh functionality, now works in the dots menu.

  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Tweaks for rotation offset and intensity multiply values for the HDRI Skydomes. BugFix ( ) Save rot int offsets retuns if no image selected.

1.3.18 (2022-05-31)


  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) New UI for the class based Skydome browser WIP. First pass. Only Redshift and Renderman are working roughly.

  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) Overall tweaks, new buttons and more functionality added. UI now refreshes from scene. Auto selection from scene. Still WIP.


  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) Better creation methods and now sets and retrieves all UI attributes.

  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) Better path checks while browsing for skydome images.

  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) No longer shows the Maya renderer (though could make this reference Arnold).

  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) Now supports undo on the sliders properly.

  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) Sets the renderer globaly when changed.


  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Renamed old Skydome UI to _old and new to Removed old UI from the menu and shelves. New UI with sliders and supports VRay.

  • (Hdriskydomelights_New.Py) Removed the advanced widget.

  • (Zoopackage) Removed Redundant startup commands in zoo_package.


  • (Zoopackage) Removed Redundant blender layout files.

1.3.17 (2022-04-16)


  • (Core) Incorrect function call for determining maya mode.

  • (Fixviewport.Py) New light intensities for Fix Viewport to correctly match Maya.


  • (Fixviewport.Py) Disabling specualr intensity for the defaults.

1.3.16 (2022-03-14)


  • (Hdriskydomes) Refresh after deleting a hdri doesn’t occur.

1.3.15 (2022-02-22)


  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Virtual slider added for skydome rotation.


  • (Lightpresets) Update light presets to use multi directories.

  • (Shelf) Update to use supported shelf button type.

  • (Skydomes) Update skydomes to use multi directories.

  • (Zoopackage) Added zoo_preferences as dependency so package commands will run first.


  • (Core) Removed now redundant prefsdata and assetdirectories modules. Replaced with preference interface.

1.3.13 (2022-01-18)


  • (Hdriskydomelights.Py) Now ignores “VRay” and “Maya” until they are later upgraded.


  • (Fix Viewport) Main create button now acts as the preset 1k soft. Creates the light setup and switches on the viewport settings.

  • (Various Uis) Now ignore VRay and Maya renderers on open and while changining renderers.

1.3.11 (2021-12-08)


  • (Change Log) Added changelog stub.


  • (Change Renderer) Fix issue where changing renderer wouldn’t update prefs.