1.0.11 (2023-12-05)


  • (Misc) Core bugFixes and Ik Guides are now live oriented.


  • (Configuration) Added isHistoricallyInteresting to Rig Configuration, rig will be updated automatically during polish or when in rig mode, and the user sets the value in the UI.

  • (Mirror) Added pre-post mirror methods to component class for better component customization.

  • (Buildscriptwidget.Py) Added tooltip for build script widget buttons.

  • (Horsetemplate.Py) Added the horse template to hive under animals.

  • (Jawdifferentiator_Buildscript.Py) Added a buildscript for the jaw that spits out the rotation differences in the jaw lips chin and head. Useful for blendshape correctives on mouths and jaws.


  • (Alignguides) Maintain upVec world position between alignments.

  • (Definition) Parent always being updated even though it’s an internal guide which shouldn’t be reparented.

  • (Joints) LiveLinking joints to guide with differing hierarchy causes bad transform offsets.

  • (Serialization) Loading rig from scene doesn’t maintain base definition priority updates.

  • (Spine) Fix CogGimbal not always having the same transform as the cog.

  • (Symmetry) Fix symmetry not having the same behavior as mirroring, now allows components to handle specific setups via pre-post mirror.

  • (Templates) Fix default UE5 template arm orientation having an inverted upVector.

  • (Tortoisedemotemplate) Fix buildScript which fails when running preDeleteRig.


  • (Components) Updated jaw component to have better default control shapes, default alignment, chin missing control shape and fixed wrong joints being added to skin selectionSet.

  • (Ikguides) Updated VChain, arm, leg and quadleg components to now live orient to the ik plane.

1.0.10 (2023-11-10)


  • (Templates) Fixed full body templates with quad spines so the root control is always up in world.

1.0.9 (2023-11-10)


  • (Canine) Fixed the root control to align with world.

1.0.8 (2023-11-10)


  • (Spineik) Typo fix to spineik definition.

  • (Alignment) Improvement to worldUpVec construction plane to align at the endGuide.

  • (Spineik) Cog AutoAlign to be turn off by default.

  • (Spineik) Update WorldUpVec scale.

  • (Worldupvec) Update worldUpVec guide size in component base definition to be larger.

1.0.7 (2023-11-10)


  • (SpineIk) Fix ctrl02 alignment aligning to wrong guide.

  • (Template) Turn off auto align for cog guide.

1.0.6 (2023-11-10)


  • (SpineIk) Fix ctrl02 alignment aligning to wrong guide.

  • (Template) Turn off auto align for cog guide.

1.0.5 (2023-11-10)


  • (Bendy) Added angle multipliers for auto roundness in the guide settings to help with rig scale.

  • (Quad) Added bendy to quad leg.

  • (Templates) Added allosaurus template.

  • (Templates) Added dino_carnivore, spiderLeg, insect_spider canine templates.

  • (Templates) Added canine_legBack, canine_legFront.

  • (Templates) Added werewolf.


  • (Bendy) Bendy subsystem to support more then 2 segments.

  • (Bendy) Fix primary bendy guides not having the correct alignment when the linked primary guide alignment changes.

  • (Component) Fix vChain,arm,leg components ignore alignToWorld option if the component doesn’t support aligning relative.

  • (Fkcomponent) Fix FkComponent not correctly constrained if parent component has no joints.

  • (Guides) Fix gudie shape transform not maintaining serialized transform.

  • (Guides) Twist Guide incorrect scale propagation from wrong parent guide.

  • (Quad) Fix twists not being deleted when settings has been changed.

  • (Quadspinetemplate) Incorrect default alignment.

  • (Reversefoot) Fix min/max values for “sideBank”, “heelSideToSide”.

  • (Rigfromnode) Fix rigFromNode raising an error if the meta Node retrieve isn’t a hive node, hive will now search all attached metanodes until the first one is found.

  • (Rigfromnode) Fix twoboneiksubsystem failing if the attached component does have a worldUpVec guide.

  • (Spineik) Fix cogGimbal being ignore during auto align.

  • (Twoboneik) Fix Lock value output not being connected.


  • (Bendy) Bendy AutoAlign now updated to use worldUpVec normal.

  • (Components) Updated quad leg default guide.

  • (Graphregistry) Cache graph data on first use and reuse from there on.

  • (Ik) Updated IK limbs to use worldUpVec guide Y basisVector as plane normal for alignment.

  • (Ikplane) Removed now redundant worldUpVecRef from IK Limbs except for spine we now pull the YbasisVector from the worldMatrix of worldUpVec for better stability.

  • (Mirror) WorldUpVec mirroring requires special handling after latest changes.


  • (Misc) Quad leg updates with bendy.

1.0.4 (2023-10-05)


  • (Dino_Carnivore_Buildscript.Py) Cleans up selection sets on carnivore dinosaurs.

  • (Mannequin_Spine_Buildscript.Py) SImplifies the default sontrol visibility for spline spines.


  • (Autoalign) No longer attempt to predict worldUpVec world rotation during alignment.

  • (Reversefoot) Reverse Foot was forced on if any guide setting was changed other than the foot.

  • (Reversefoot) Reverse foot joints would be forced to be recreated every other build even though the foot build setting was off.

  • (Twists) Twists was forced on if any guide setting was changed other than the twist toggle setting.


  • (Components) Added alignIkEndToWorld to ik limb.

1.0.3 (2023-09-27)


  • (ComponentRegistry) Take into account folders with “.” in the name when looking up components.

1.0.2 (2023-09-27)


  • (Unittests) Added unittest for UE5 mannequin build.

  • (Mirrorconstants.Py) Quad leg mirror dict added to


  • (Armcomponent) Fix an additional twist guide in the base component definition.

  • (Autopolevector) Fix maya error message which has no real consequences due to order of operation when PoleVector node graph is generated.

  • (Componentlibrary) ComponentDataByPath doesn’t treat .py and .pyc as the same, this fixes the comparison.


  • (Quadspine) BaseIK guide shape now deleted from the guides and now uses the Upr Guide shape.

  • (Templates) Polished Quad spine template.

  • (Unittest) Updated unittests to explicit test twist guides.

1.0.1 (2023-09-27)


  • (Api) Added helper method to return a template by a provided path if available.

  • (Templates) Save template now supports providing the folder path to save too.


  • (Components) Small fix to arm,leg and quad components where the twist segment counts had wrong attribute datatype.

  • (Ikfk) Fix Quadleg ankle ikfk matching.

  • (Mirror) Regression, Mirroring without duplicating option resulted in components being either unparented or parented to wrong components if the component already existed.

  • (Mirror) Regression, mirroring caused parenting to the new mirrored component to be ignored or parented to wrong component.

  • (Mirror) Undo mirroring would error.

  • (Preferences) Applying preferences doesn’t update template paths registry.

  • (Preferences) Apply preferences doesn’t update Hive artist UI Template library widget.

  • (Quadleg) Fix Hip Guide pivot being visible.

  • (Selection) Marking menu selection options error during undo.

  • (Unreal) Add support for quad leg in UEaddikjoints_buildscript.

  • (Unreal) UEaddikjoints_buildscript fails hard if one of the required components don’t exist.


  • (Components) Change to component folder hierarchy for a better organization.

  • (Components) Depreciated icon variable and replaced with uiData dict, currently only specified with the Python class, this will be supported in the definition later.

  • (Templates Misc) Templates re-categorized into folders.

1.0.0b25 (2023-08-22)


  • (Ue5Template) Added ik hand/foot build script to UEtemplate.

  • (Matchconstants.Py) Match constants for Hive guide Ids and various skeletons and third party skeletons. Will add controls later for animation matching.

  • (Matchguides.Py) WIP module for matching Hive guides to various skeletons including third party skeletons such as mixamo and accurig.


  • (Bendy) Incorrect default tangent guide alignment vectors.

  • (Bendy) Incorrect tangent distance for first out tangent.

  • (Ikfkmatch) Ikfk deletes keys on all nodes disregarding per component state and per frame keys ranges.

  • (Ikfkmatch) Ikfk matching occurs on frames which the component is already in the required ikfk state.

  • (Namingpresets) Add naming configurations based on its hiveType key allowing for custom configs without modifying core hive.

  • (Polevector) Backward compatibility fix for old rigs missing auto pole vector attributes.

  • (Uenamingpreset) Fix spine root name being hipsSwing instead of pelvis.

  • (Vchain) End Guide alignment is inconsistent with subclasses which have child guides that change order.


  • (*.Templates) Updated default pole vector distance on various templates.

  • (Autopolevector) Change default distance to 20.

  • (Fkchain) Simplify Output node constraint code.

1.0.0b24 (2023-08-11)


  • (Fkutils) Added util function to generate fk guides from specified transforms.

  • (Fbxexporter.Py) Added batch fbx export helper functions to fbxexporter. fbxExportHiveRigsSel() fbxExportHiveRigNames(). More helper functions to come including handling multiple time sections.

  • (Fbxexporter.Py) Added misc helper UI functions.

  • (Fbxexporter.Py) Added save and load UI functions.

  • (Fbxexporter.Py) Converted batch exporting to classes and added functionality for exporting time-ranges for cycles. This is fully working now with new naming options too.

  • (Fbxexporter.Py) Documentation and many UI related additions and tweaks to the UI functions.

  • (Hiverigexportwidget.Py) Added Create Time Slider Bookmarks function, opens the Maya window.


  • (Controlnode) ControlNode setParent queries for an srt even when not asked for it.

  • (Controlnode) Fix srt queries failing when the control has multiple message connections to a HiveLayer.

  • (Definition) BaseDefinition Srts should take priority over templates.

  • (Definition) Children expanded multiple times during update.

  • (Deletion) Fix Component deletion where joints were already created but the guides were deleted causing an AttributeError.

  • (Displaylayers) Annotations not added to displayLayer.

  • (Fkcomponent) Fix control creation failing if the parent control was yet to be created.

  • (Guides) Fix Fk “link fk” command failure to delete annotation.

  • (Guides) Fix default pivot shape type for guides which don’t override it.

  • (Ikfk) Ikfk matching takes into account distance setting from the guides.

  • (Jaw) Building rig fails to find jaw guide when parenting due to bad sorting in the definition.

  • (Markingmenu) “toggleLra” command fails if there are no guides other than the root.

  • (Mirrorutils) Fix mirror currentState data not containing the behaviour value.

  • (Natalie) PreDeleteRigLayer fails due to legacy facial setup.

  • (Recalculatepolevector) PoleVector distance setting is taken into account.

  • (Rename) Rig renaming after the rig has been built at least once fails due to missing selectionSets which were deleted.

  • (Rig) Fix Set modification while looping over it.

  • (Rig) Fix recreating guides not syncing the current scene before rebuild.

  • (Symmetry) Fix Shape being incorrectly mirrored.

  • (Ue5Namingpreset) Incorrect thigh twist naming.


  • (Arm) Reduced Guide srts.

  • (Bendy) Bendy to use one curve per segment in prep for squash.

  • (Bendy) Primary bendy guide pivot is no longer visible by default.

  • (Commands) Update commands to latest core changes.

  • (Leg) Reduced Guide srts.

  • (Transformstofkguides) Added guide scale to transformsToFkGuides function.

  • (Vchain) Reduced Guide srts.


  • (Fbxexporter.Py) Scene save UI settings node name changed to “zooHiveExportFbxUiSettings”.


  • (Misc) Added Interactive PoleVector guides.

  • (Misc) Temp fix for component caching. todo: do a real fix.

  • (Rename) Root selection set incorrectly named after rig rename.

  • (Transformstofkguides) TransformsToFkGuides to also set root guide scale.

  • (Transformstofkguides) Fix root guide scale not using the default * guideScale.

  • (Ikfkmatch) Better distance handling.

1.0.0b23 (2023-06-23)


  • (Buildstate) Skeleton build state being ignored if guide control build state was on.

1.0.0b22 (2023-06-22)


  • (Guides) Added helper function for aligning guides along a Plane.


  • (Buildscripting) Fix default properties not being passed to build scripts on execution.

  • (Components) Retrieving the parent component joint will now return the only joint on the component if there’s only one joint.

  • (Controls) Srt() function would fail if the attached metaNode wasn’t the guideLayer or rigLayer, now searches for specific meta types.

  • (Filtering) Searching for components from nodes raises error if any node isn’t a hive node.

  • (Godcomponent) Godnode now supports settings the offset guide as the component parent, allowing for an isolated rootmotion. this is now default.

  • (Python) Fix missing namespace pkg setup code in prefs.

  • (Spineik) Fix World input from the parent component using the wrong node.

  • (Templates) Fix biped template inverted twist joint alignment.

  • (Templates) Templates rootmotion now handled.

  • (Unittest) Fix unittest error with testing annotations.

  • (Vchain) Twist DGGraph had debug nodes being created.


  • (Build) Building Guides which already display control vis will now just hide them.

  • (Buildmodes) Added Guide Control visibility build state.

  • (Config) Remove redundant singleChainHierarchy settings as this is enforced.

  • (Guides) Annotations have been switched out to use maya curves.

  • (Template) Biped Templates updated with latest code changes.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Update for co-planar iterator changes.

1.0.0b21 (2023-05-11)


  • (Visibility) Fix Visibility attributes being connected but not hidden.

1.0.0b20 (2023-05-11)


  • (Settings) Added Shapes hidden in outliner configuration option.

  • (Animatortools.Py) Added misc animator tools module for Hive.

  • (Animatortools.Py) Added toggle control panel nodes selected function. toggleControlPanelNodesSel().


  • (Bendy) Fix bendy control visiblity being connected but not hidden in channelBox.

1.0.0b19 (2023-05-10)


  • (Naming) Fix Template saving not saving component level naming preset override.

  • (Templates) Fix UE template not having the Naming Presets.


  • (Resetattrs) Support network nodes in resetAttrs.

1.0.0b18 (2023-05-03)


  • (Mirroranimation) Updated mirror animation for bendy.

  • (Mirrorbehaviour) Added mirror behaviour types.

  • (Mirrorbehaviour) Added mirror behaviour types.

  • (Mirrorconstants.Py) Temp Fix for bendy arms and mirroring, will be changed again once the bendy orient fix is pushed.


  • (Bendy) Fixed default bendy control alignment.

  • (Bendy) Fixed default bendy control alignment.

  • (Buildscripts) Fix zoomannequin_buildscript using incorrect api calls to change default attribute values.

  • (Hiveversion) Fix hiveVersion return None on first call.

  • (Mirror) Mirroring doesn’t run align guides resulting inconsistent alignment.

  • (Mirror) Mirroring doesn’t run align guides resulting inconsistent alignment.

  • (Serialization) Fix naming preset not being serialized for components.

  • (Serialization) Fix naming preset not being serialized for components.

  • (Symmetry) Applying symmetry has different behaviour to mirroring due to components not being disconnected in batch.

  • (Symmetry) Applying symmetry has different behaviour to mirroring due to components not being disconnected in batch.

  • (Templates) Fix natalie templates having old toe guides.

  • (Templates) Fix ue5_mannequin template not having naming convention overrides.

  • (Templates) Updated Sir_moustache template with arms.


  • (Templates) Change template hive version to 1.0.0b18.


  • (Utils) Moved strutils from zoo_core to core.

1.0.0b17 (2023-04-05)


  • (Templates) Added support updating a rig from a template.

  • (Sir_Moustache_Buildscript.Py) Build script supports arms and visibility for amrs, hat and facial geo and controls. Bendy on by default.


  • (Blackbox) Undoing blackbox would fail.

  • (Build) Fix building Guides potentially causing a guide pop in child components under certain situations.

  • (Cli) Hive fails to run any hive commands if run in headless maya.

  • (Definition) Guide definition doesn’t have alignment vector attributes by default.

  • (Spaceswitching) Fix default driver not being applied to maya attribute.

  • (Spaceswitching) Fix removeSpacesByLabel not actually deleting the space.

  • (Spaceswitching) Fix spaceSwitching not saving the template File.

  • (Startup) Fix startup file to avoid importing modules before they exist due to later zoo version logic.

  • (Templates) UpdateFromTemplate doesn’t update component names.

  • (Templates) UpdateFromTemplate would fail if the template didn’t have the component or the component was renamed, now provides a way to remap components by name.

  • (Core) Maya 2024 fixes.


  • (Api) DeformLayer.delete now support arguments “deleteJoints” to allow the deformLayer meta node to be deleted without deleting joints.

  • (Core) Split loadFromTemplate code for reuse in updateFromTemplate.

  • (Natalie) Update natalie build script face rig scale.

  • (Rigcore) Accessing a single component via rig.component() doesn’t add component to rig cache.

  • (Unittests) Skip unittests which are yet to be implemented.

  • (Vchain) Include coPlanar op as part of the alignment batch.

  • (Mirrorconstants.Py) Fix for bendy mirroring.

1.0.0b16 (2023-03-23)


  • (Fbxexporter) Fix RuntimeError when export FBX animation without skinning and with meshes.

1.0.0b15 (2023-03-16)


  • (Spaceswitching) Fix custom space switching on FkComponents being deleted.

  • (Spaceswitching) FkComponent Loses custom spaces switches when rebuild guides.

  • (Twists) Fix new twists not having their mirror attribute set to True.

  • (Templates) Fix twist guides not having mirroring set to on.

1.0.0b14 (2023-03-13)


  • (Zoomannequin_Buildscript) Build script for zoo mannequin that handles visor and foot bendy controls.


  • (Selectionset_Biped_Buildscript) Arm selection sets were not parenting correctly depending on the rig and the dictionary order.


  • (Legcomponent) Update leg component footbreak default value to 65.

1.0.0b13 (2023-03-13)


  • (Components) Fix aimComponent failing to rebuild.

  • (Natalie_Buildscript.Py) Bugs addressed for rebuilding with the face and not only th template.


  • (Selectionset_Biped_Buildscript.Py) ArmFingerClav sets can have any side string variations. Eg “L” or “left” and are no longer hardcoded.

1.0.0b12 (2023-03-09)


  • (Twists) Upr arm/leg twist server node has incorrect rotations causing issues if the rig has non t-pose setup.

1.0.0.b11 (2023-03-08)


  • (Bendy) Maya 2020 tangent rotation graph update to match 2023.

1.0.0.b10 (2023-03-08)


  • (Bendy) MidBendy out tangent has incorrect rotation when mid ctrl has translations.

1.0.0b9 (2023-03-07)


  • (Bendy) Failure when adding bendy back in after removing it.

  • (Bendy) Fix ctrl Scale on lowerarm inheriting from wrong output.

  • (Bendy) OSX Fix getParamAtPoint causing runtime error, replaced with closestPoint.

  • (Fbxexport) Fix Scale issues when exporting FBX.

  • (Head) Fix worldSpace scale being applied to joints.

  • (Joints) Deactivated scale compensation across all components to have better support for scale.

  • (Spine) Fix worldSpace scale being applied to joints.

  • (Spine) Swapped non-uniform scale to uniform scale to support game engines universally.

  • (Twists) Failure when adding Twists back in after removing it.

  • (Twists) Removing twists leaves unused DG nodes in the scene.

  • (Twists) Twists flip when rotating globally i.e godnode.


  • (Bendysubsystem.Py) Tweaked the bendy multiplier amount to 0.4 for a more rounded auto-bendy.

1.0.0b8 (2023-03-02)


  • (Buildscript) Added support for Buildscript property tooltips.

  • (Hive Templates Misc) All templates upgraded to have limb world up vectors.

  • (Hive Templates Misc) Bendy added to Natalie and biped templates, still zoo_mannequin and sir_moustache to go.

  • (Hive Templates Misc) Bendy added to zoo_mannequin and sir_moustache rig templates.

  • (Mirrorconstants.Py) Added bendy control mirror anim support.

  • (Natalie_Buildscript.Py) Minor tweaks, proxy attributes for hair vis now on the head and hips.

  • (Selectionset_Biped_Buildscript.Py) Added icons and hide sets from the selection set marking menu.

  • (Sir_Moustache_Buildscript.Py) Sir Moustache build script for selection sets added.

  • (Tortoise_Buildscript.Py) New selections sets are now fully working for Tortoise Toon.


  • (Alignguides) AlignGuides doesn’t disconnect child components.

  • (Components) Edge case where Live link fails when adding new array indices.

  • (Components) Updating guide settings doesn’t maintain connections.

  • (Fbxexporter) Failure to export with geometry due to TypeErrors.

  • (Mayacallbacks) Fix maya internal callbacks with attributeEditor erroring, we do this by removing the current selection before building.

  • (Nodeeditor) Temporarily disable nodeEditor while building.

  • (Resetcontrols) Reset Marking menu doesn’t reset all attributes.

  • (Resetcontrols) Reset all below marking menu doesn’t reset child components.

  • (Templates) Templates not saving build script property state.

  • (Vchain) Fix Global scale not being accounted for.

  • (Vchaincomponent) VChainComponent AlignGuides end guide doesn’t handle the shapeNode resulting in a possible difference.


  • (Armcomponent) Update base arm component control shapes to match templates.

  • (Checkbox) Checkbox widget to allow label as a kwarg.

  • (Guides) Rebuilding guides will now delete the guides beforehand reducing errors because of a metaData change between hive versions.

  • (Naming) Update arm and leg configs with bendy ids.

  • (Robot) Change robot godnode name to god for consistency.

  • (Templates) Updates templates with latest code.

  • (Twists) Changed twistIds() method to return a list of lists to inline with new subsystem.

  • (Twists) Removed TwistServerIK for upr segments, reducing the number of IKHandles.

  • (Roboball_Buildscript.Py) Robo Ball build script now builds selection sets correctly.

  • (Zoomannequin_Buildscript.Py) The mannequin buildscript now supports new style hierarchical selection sets for use with the selection set marking menu.


  • (Twists) Removed now redundant SRT for individual twists.

  • (Robot_Buildscript.Py And Zoomannequin_Buildscript.Py) Removed build scripts for robot and zoo mannequin as they are no longer needed.

1.0.0b7 (2023-01-25)


  • (Rig) Added helper method to clear component cache.


  • (Components) Fix case where a user has manually deleted a layer transform.

  • (Components) Updating an existing guide Setting raises Type error.

  • (Guidevisibility) Fix guide control visibility state when setting both the control and pivot visibility at the same time.

  • (Guides) Fix buildGuides causing a transformation difference when certain components have a different alignment for connected guides.

  • (Spineik) Fix AutoAlign failure when a guide autoAlign is Off.


  • (Alignguides) AlignGuides optimized up to 2x.

  • (Guidevisibility) Support maya undo modifier for better speed.

  • (License) Update copyright for 2023.

  • (Splineik) Remove beta state.


  • (Metanodes) Removed the use of old metaRig classes as hives base.

1.0.0b6 (2022-12-03)


  • (Templates) Assorted new Hive templates added as defaults.

  • (Fkcomponent) Added helper function to compose a fk id string.

  • (Iolayer) Added clearInputs and clearOutputs methods to IO scene layer nodes.

  • (Skirt_Buildscript.Py) Skirt hive template, buildscript added.


  • (Alignguides) Ik components polevector sets to world 0 if angle is 0.

  • (Buildguides) Joints are not reset on build guides.

  • (Buildrig) Building the rig doesn’t reset the skeleton transforms.

  • (Fkcomponent) Fix guide deletion skipping when the parent/child relationship doesn’t match numerical values ids.

  • (Guides) Fix Guides not being locked after building.

  • (Guides) Temp removal of controller tags due to a maya bug which doesn’t update transforms when a guide shape isn’t visible.

  • (Iolayer) Fix IO scene nodes not being deleted from the scene after deleting the rig resulting in modified transforms.

  • (Namingpresets) Fix incorrect default naming preset path for case sensitivity.

  • (Namingpresets) Fix naming of default name preset folder.

  • (Natalie) Face rig scale attributes not reset when rig is deleted.

  • (Recalculatepolevector) If angle is 0.0 the polevector will be set to world 0.

  • (Recalculatepolevector) Undo Fails when executing recalculatePoleVector command.

  • (Spineik) Fix idMapping method returning ids which don’t exist for deformLayer.

  • (Natalie_Buildscript.Py) Added fix when hair and toes don’t exist in the scene for Nat Lightweight.

  • (Natalie_Buildscript.Py) Prepopulate fix for the natalie build script due to Zoo changes.


  • (Controlpanel) Port control getter logic to meta.

  • (Fbxexporter) Added user message when attempting to export geometry with no geometry parented.

  • (Recalculatepolevector) RecalculatePoleVector now selects the poleVectors after the commands has run.

  • (Templates) SaveTemplate command now uses hive exporter plugin.

  • (Twists) Change twist guide scale to 0.25. Templates updated to reflect this.

  • (Api) Fix missing errors types in api module.

  • (Guides) Update Movable guides to have a sphere_arrow shape for differing between guides.

  • (Tortoise_Buildscript.Py) Upvector on neck visible by default.

1.0.0b5 (2022-11-17)


  • (Tortoise_Buildscript.Py) Added new build script for the new tortoise template and rig.


  • (Applysymmetry) Fix applySymmetry not updating control shape location due to 2023.2 viewport bug.

  • (Fbxexport) Fix geo root not being unlocked before export when exporting animation and meshes at the same time.

  • (Legcomponent) Fix footBreak not being animatable.

  • (Selectionsets) RigLayer.selectionSet() returning None at all times.

  • (Settings) Fix adding the same setting between builds not updating.

  • (Spineik) Fix autoAlign behaviour ignoring AutoAlign state attribute.

  • (Twists) Fix twist settings not updating between builds when the setting already exists.


  • (Controls) RotateOrder to be displayed in the channelBox.

  • (Controls) RotateOrder to be keyable due to studio library issues with non-keyable.

  • (Markingmenu) Renamed mirror label to Create Mirror.

  • (Buildscripting .Rst Docs) Updated build scripts docs website documentation to add further clarity.

  • (Buildscripts) Changed documentation for all build scripts. documentation has been improved.

  • (Buildscripts) Updated all build scripts to point to new website documentation.

1.0.0b4 (2022-10-26)


  • (Buildscript) Added buildscripts from Silke.

  • (Definition) RigLayer settings now forces update from the base instead of the scene overriding.

  • (Spineik) Added Translation space switch to ctrl02.

  • (Spineik) Added parent space to ctrl02 and remove rotSpace.

  • (Hivemirrorcopypasteanim.Py) Tool added auto set start end from timeline on tool open. Small refactoring.

  • (Mirroranim.Py) Added some documentation and small refactor pass.


  • (Addfkguide) Fix adding a new fk guide via the marking menu when adding from a parent guide which has existing children.

  • (Autoalign) Regression fix where control visibility would switch on, This was a workaround for a 2023 bug but we need didn’t reset state after operation.

  • (Core) Fix liveLinking a root joint off world 0 would result in a transform offset.

  • (Legcomponent) Fix Legcomponent ballRoll using wrong axis.

  • (Spaceswitching) Fix duplicate spaceSwitch driver labels.

  • (Spine) Space switches not marking as not editable.

  • (Spineik) Fix custom space switches not being maintained during rebuild.

  • (Spineik) Fix duplicate spaceSwitch definitions.

  • (Spineik) Fix missing marking menu space switch menus.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Fix to a maya evaluation issue with expressions when anim cache is off where on scene load the mel expression isn’t evaluated causing incorrect transformations, This change replaces the expression with nodes.


  • (Command) Added setGuideLRA command to hive command module.

  • (Fkcomponents) Temporary change to force autoAlign Off til we have WorldUpVector artist exposure.

  • (Mainwindow) Removed show argument from init function due to visual artifacts it can cause due to events.

  • (Naming) Removed redundant system field example for “object” rule.


  • (Templates) Various templates upgraded. Robots support stretch and new build scripts. Natalie has tweaks. Arms have auto-align off for fingers.

  • (Hive_Artist_Ui_Shelf.Layout) Added tool Hive Mirror Paste Anim to the animation shelf.

  • (Icons) Checkbox name fixed that was causing error.

  • (Mirroranim.Py) Functions for copy/paste mirroring selected Hive controls for cycles and other.

  • (Mirrorconstants.Py) Control flip curve related constants for mirroring tools (will be meta data later).

  • (Mirroranim.Py) Selection now restricted to transforms only for Hive mirror animation.

  • (Mirroranim.Py) Documentation. Added ( ) Added all Hive rig components and ids to

  • (Selection.Py) Misc selection set helper functions added Added ( ) Added custom animator selection sets to the natalie build script.

1.0.0b3 (2022-09-29)


  • (Core) Added support for Named DependencyGraph storage as part of the definition.

  • (Naming) Added UE5 Presets.

  • (Spineik) Added SpineIK Component.

  • (Templates) Added UE5 mannequin Templates.

  • (Vchain) Added upper,lower stretch attributes.


  • (Commands) Fix ShowLRA command including the root guide.

  • (Components) Deleting rig doesn’t reset scale.

  • (Components) Deleting the rig layer of a component results in joint rotations being non-zero.

  • (Components) Fix KeyError when live linking.

  • (Components) Fix case where rebuilding the guides after polish raises AttributeError due to missing container.

  • (Components) Fix incorrect UpVector calculation for AimComponent.

  • (Components) Fix stretch attributes not being removed based on hasStretch setting.

  • (Containers) Fix missing component nodes in containers.

  • (Displaylayers) HideOnPlayback should be on by default.

  • (Fbx) Fix failure when exporting geometry when the geo root is locked.

  • (Fkcomponent) Fix parent constraint causing issues with scale compensation.

  • (Guides) Fix guide change in guide parent during build stage.

  • (Headcomponent) Fix global scale not being handled correctly.

  • (Jawcomponent) Fix parent constraint causing issues with scale compensation.

  • (Legcomponent) Ball and heel rotation fix.

  • (Naming) Fix Output name type spec.

  • (Naming) Fix side labeling case sensitivity.

  • (Outliner) Container Asset Contents display now reflects “containerOutlinerDisplayUnderParent” Preference on build.

  • (Rig) Fix hideOnPlayback being set to off for controls.

  • (Serialization) Avoid serialization of internal attributes that aren’t important.

  • (Templates) Rename Template uses incorrect registry id format.

  • (Togglelra) Fix ToggleLRA not skipping root guide when check current display state.

  • (Togglelra) Fix guide Layer failing to update when a definition attribute doesn’t have a value field.

  • (Twists) Fix twist joints not removing redundancies.

  • (Vchain) Fix stretch attributes not being removed based on hasStretch setting.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Fix Scaling issues related to ikfk blending.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Fix global scale not being handled correctly.


  • (Biped) Renamed biped to biped_spineFK before creation of IK version.

  • (Commands) ToggleGuide Pivots now include root components.

  • (Components) Added anim attribute for upr IK visibility for vchain/arm/leg components.

  • (Components) Arm/vchain/leg now uses locators for control guide pivots.

  • (Components) Avoid parenting components when the driver guide doesn’t link to a joint.

  • (Components) BuildConstraint updated to latest base code.

  • (Components) SegmentScale compensate to now default to true.

  • (Components) Support for flagging a component as beta.

  • (Core) Guides now track pivot shape nodes as metaData.

  • (Core) Moved util modules into util package.

  • (Definition) Force the Default pivotColor and shape to base definition.

  • (Definition) GuideLayer now supports delete a single Setting at a time.

  • (Godnodecomponent) Adding visibility attributes for guide pivots.

  • (Markingmenu) Temporary Remove of the deformLayer marking menu until we have deformation tools.

  • (Natalie) Update natalie build script to latest spine changes.

  • (Natalietemplate) Replaced natalie template to use spineik.

  • (Spinefk) Fix default location and scale of spineFk.

  • (Spineik) Changed ikCtrlVis to midIkVis.

  • (Spineik) Replaced Anim curve/frame cache nodes with remap and anim attributes.

  • (Splineik) Guide curve now has a visibility attribute.

  • (Templates) Replace biped with spineIk.

  • (Templates) Replaced zoo_mannequin spine with spine ik.

  • (Templates) Updated to latest rig changes.

  • (Zapi) Update template unittest for biped.


  • (Misc) Testing.


  • (Misc) Testing.

1.0.0b2 (2022-07-25)


  • (Naming) Fix incorrect name expression for rig level layers.

  • (Naming) Fix renaming of components not saving.

  • (Naming) Fix rig renaming missing a few nodes.

  • (Naming) Hive Rig meta node name doesn’t match naming convention from configuration.


  • (Natalie) Update Natalies Buildscript for latest naming changes.

  • (Unittests) Added basic template tests.

  • (Unittests) Update rig rename tests.

1.0.0b1 (2022-07-20)


  • (Naming) Add support for naming configuration presets.

  • (Preferences) Added support for naming configuration paths to preferences UI.


  • (Alignguides) Pin/unPin being run multiple times depending on the component resulting in a 20%ish slow down.

  • (Buildscripting) BuildScripts outside of zoo packages doesn’t reload when zoo is reloaded.

  • (Commands) Crash when repeating delete components command.

  • (Commands) Force clear selection to avoid Maya attribute editor raising errors due to deletion and rename operations.

  • (Commands) Undoing Delete commands multiple times cumulates all deleted components across multiple commands results in too many created components.

  • (Component) Deleting a component results in a crash.

  • (Components) Fix leg,arm,vchain pole vector not having locked transforms.

  • (Definition) Node full names being serialized instead of shortnames.

  • (Fbxexport) Fix geometry root and geometry names containing namespaces.

  • (Fbxexport) Fix maya error raised when the current scene is untitled.

  • (Fkchain) Adding a new guide results in incorrect scaling.

  • (Liveguiding) Fix Live guiding where a jnt id may not have the same guide id which results in build failure.

  • (Markingmenu) Fix Marking menus not being applied to a component due to the template having an empty value.

  • (Markingmenu) Fixed missing marking menu when the template value is empty for the rigLayer.

  • (Serialization) Serializing the definition resulted in an unnecessary deepcopy resulting in a further slow down during builds/saves.

  • (Spaceswitching) Build a rig multiple times even though it’s already built results in a space switch error.

  • (Spaceswitching) Removing FK guides doesn’t update the linked space switch, resulting in ValueError.

  • (Templates) Template configuration not being applied when creating a rig from a template.


  • (Api) Function addSettingsNode renamed to createSettingsNode.

  • (Definition) Expanded definition serialization to scene into multiple attributes to reduce possibility of hit char length limits. This Break backwards compatibility.

  • (Errors) Added MissingControlError exception for RigLayer.Control as replacement for ValueError.

  • (Fingercomponent) Deform joint Ids prefix to “bind” instead of Fk for future Ik mode support.

  • (Fkcomponent) Changed Input Node ID to “parent” for clarity.

  • (Fkcomponent) Fk component to support different Deform Jnt ids.

  • (Guides) Better support for local transforms being locked.

  • (Layers) Replaced settings node attribute metadata with a compound array for faster lookup and better organization. This Break backwards compatibility.

  • (Markingmenu) Marking menu to provide a user warning message when the rig may require an upgrade before proceeding.

  • (Naming) Added base naming configuration for each component type.

  • (Naming) Build time naming configuration cache to allow naming to change between builds.

  • (Naming) Change all rule expression names to camelCase for consistency and for UI expression conversion.

  • (Naming) Update templates with new arm component.

  • (Naming) Updated all components with new naming scheme.

  • (Naming) Updated preference interface with naming related pathing.

  • (Preferences) Added hive interface frontend function to preferences.interfaces.hiveinterfaces.

  • (Spine) Added Gimbal visibility switch.

  • (Spine) Changed spine component type to spineFk for separation of spine types.

  • (Spinecomponent) Restructured Skeleton ahead of adding Ik. Includes renaming.

  • (Templates) Updated Natalie to replace fkchain fingers for finger type component.

  • (Templates) Updated biped and zoo_mannequin to use the finger component instead of the fkchain.

  • (Templates) Updated templates with latest spine changes.

  • (Vchaincomponent) UpVector transform to be locked.


  • (Markingmenutils.Py) Marking menu rig upgrade message changed.


  • (Components) Removed getOrCreateLayer method as it’s preferred to use the component metaclass.

1.0.0a19 (2022-06-05)


  • (Spaceswitching) Build failure when a SpaceSwitch Driver Component dependency has yet to be built.

1.0.0a18 (2022-05-31)


  • (Preferences) KeyError when upgrading preferences when the user has no existing preferences.

1.0.0a17 (2022-05-31)


  • (Jawcomponent) Added rotate All control.

  • (Spaceswitching) User defined SpaceSwitching support within the definition.


  • (Aimcomponent) Eye aim constraint not constraining aim control.

  • (Aimcomponent) Eye control has no shape.

  • (Guides) Missing attributes from the definition don’t get added to the scene guide.

  • (Jawcomponent) Incorrect control hierarchy.

  • (Jawcomponent) Incorrect control naming.


  • (Deformation) Deform Layer now updates the deform Layer definition joint transforms before creating joints, allowing component subclasses to change behaviour.

  • (Jawcomponent) Chin deform joint being added to the deform selectionSet.


  • (Headcomponent) Removed Redundant parent_space input node.

1.0.0a16 (2022-04-16)


  • (Buildscripting) Support pre deletion methods.

  • (Core) Added helper method to retrieve the control display layer.

  • (Docs) Added Commandline mayapy script example for upgrading rigs.

  • (Natalie_Buildscript.Py) Added natalie buildscript example to prefs.

  • (Natalie_Buildscript.Py) New functionality added to including support for skeleton and guide mode also handles the hive rig without a face for building.

  • (Template_Buildscript.Py) Added template buildscript example to prefs.


  • (Components) Missing controlPanel node in selectionSet.

  • (Components) ScaleCompensate attributes needs to be turned off.

  • (Ikfkswitching) Ikfk attribute doesn’t override the existing keyframes when baking.

  • (Ikstretch) Stretch not working predictably when lengths are negative values.

  • (Mirroring) Mirroring and applySymmetry to a component doesn’t unlock local transform attributes before applying mirrored data.

  • (Naming) Head control name duplicates “_anim” suffix.

  • (Preferences) Missing QuatNodes plugin as a requirement.

  • (Rig) Renaming control layer to the same name errors.

  • (Spaceswitching) Space attribute doesn’t override the existing keyframes when baking.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Fix vchain anim attributes not being correctly keyable.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Missing DG nodes in meta data connections.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Missing deform joint in selection set when hasTwists is False.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Stretch math expression needs negating when handling negative incoming lengths.


  • (Componentgroups) Move logic into component layer meta node class.

  • (Core) Moved default templates into preference assets.

  • (Displaylayer) Control display layer hide on playback.

  • (Docs) General fixes to documentation errors.

  • (Documentation) Added table of contents to certain pages.

  • (Layersapi) MetaData can now be updated on the layer meta nodes from the definition and not just the guideLayer.

  • (Naming) Animation controls no longer use namespace to allow compatibility with studio library which doesn’t support nested namespaces correctly.

  • (Playback) Control Display layer to default playback to True.

  • (Pluginmanager) Added name to plugin manager for logging.

  • (Preferences) Added IncludeDefaultAssets to preferences.

  • (Preferences) Added support for build script default path under user assets folder.

  • (Preferences) Fix preferences not being merge with missing keys.

  • (Preferences) Hive Assets will now merge the defaults structure.

  • (Preferences) UI saving to upgrade assets if necessary.

  • (Twists) Unlock twist translation attributes.


  • (Natalie.Template) Upgraded template with toes and bob hair.

  • (Robot.Template) Upgraded template with shorter arms.

1.0.0a15 (2022-03-14)


  • (Zoo_Mannequin.Template) Added new zoo_mannequin template for Zoo 2.6.7.


  • (Components) Setting the components parent to None causes AttributeError.

  • (Components) Setting the components parent to None isn’t supported.

  • (Fbxexport) Ensure FBX Plugin is Loaded.

  • (Inputs) Missing Input Error when creating an input when meta attribute already exists but not connected.

  • (Unittest) Temp solution to handle unittest base code updates for creating new scene per test.


  • (Natalie.Template) Template updated, finger ends no longer scaled, fingers better zeroed by default.

  • (Robot.Template) Updated template to latest Zoo 2.6.7.

  • (Templates) Update arm, biped templates, added arm hand template variants.

1.0.0a14 (2022-02-22)


  • (Attributedefinitions) Added support to insert attributes.

  • (Core) Added live linking to marking menu commands in prep for future user features.

  • (Core) Added support to generate SRTs nodes when creating controls.

  • (Legcomponent) ToeUpDown,ToeSide,ToeBank,heelSideToSide Attributes.

  • (Markingmenu) Added support for Fixing IKFK mid joint rotations.

  • (Spaceswitching) Added neck space switch.


  • (Definition) Attributes incorrect channelBox setting resulting in a grey value in channelBox.

  • (Definition) Node Attributes incorrectly merging existing attributes.

  • (Definition) Node Deserialization resulting in recursion issues.

  • (Definition) Node attributes not maintaining order.

  • (Guide) Guide default attributes being applied after the user attributes.

  • (Guides) Fix missing controller tags on guides.

  • (Legcomponent) BallRoll having invert rotations on the toe.

  • (Legcomponent) FootPivots don’t account for custom orientations.

  • (Legcomponent) Incorrect pivot alignment for ballroll.

  • (Legcomponent) Incorrect pivot alignment for toe.

  • (Logging) Error on building would create an unnecessary layer to the logs.

  • (Markingmenu) Ik FK Spaces always showing up, now only show IK Space when in IK.

  • (Markingmenu) Spine/FkChain now merges all spaces to Just “FK Space”.

  • (Proxyattributes) Crash when creating proxy attributes for numeric compounds.

  • (Publishing) Attribute publish would crash adding a child plug.

  • (Spaceswitching) Missing World space constraint to the godnode for all current spaces.

  • (Spaceswitching) VChainComponent ik Space labels inconsistent ordering.

  • (Templates) Duplicate entries of pivotShape and pivotColor.


  • (Fixfkrotation) Only display marking menu if more than 2 rotation channels are non zero.

  • (Legcomponent) Reorder animation attributes.

  • (Spaceswitching) RigLayer createSpaceSwitch will now automatically add constraint nodes to metadata.

  • (Templates) All templates updated with latest guide changes.


  • (Legcomponent) Remove toeTap from definition as it’s been merged with ball.

  • (Vscode) Removed vscode project.

1.0.0a13 (2022-02-04)


  • (Buildscripting) Support for Loading a maya reference file which was exported via hive tools.

  • (Buildscripting) Support providing Properties which will be passed to each pre/post methods and to the UI, property changes will be baked into the rig metadata.

  • (Exportpluginregistry) Added registry for exporters.

  • (Fbxexport) Support for mesh and skin options.

  • (Fbxexporter) Fbx export now supports bindPose and Animation.

  • (Fkcomponent) Added Orient space switching to all fk controls.

  • (Ikfkcomponents) Added support for set polevector over framerange.

  • (Ikfkmatch) Support for baking on keys.

  • (Mayareferenceexporter) Support for exporting a maya Reference for geometry and skeleton.


  • (Buildscripting) Fix Registry not having a class interface as a filter.

  • (Controls) Fix selectionChildHighlighting not being applied to controls.

  • (Core) Jnt namespaces being removed on a referenced joint.

  • (Docstring) Fix Several typos in docstrings.

  • (Documentation) Fix invalid attributeDefinition link.

  • (Fbxexport) Bindpose exporting DisplayLayers.

  • (Legcomponent) Incorrect transform for toe tip.

  • (Mirrorwidget) Fix UI failure when the current component side isn’t a symmetrical name ie. M.

  • (Typo) CamelCase Typo fix for DeformlayerDefinition.


  • (Animmarkingmenu) Menu layout reordered.

  • (Collapsableframelayout) Rename to CollapsableFrame.

  • (Components) Ensure anim attributes are set to display in channelbox.

  • (Controls) SelectionChildHighlighting off by default.

  • (Documentation) Added documentation for export plugins and updated build scripting docs.

  • (Ikfkcomponents) Spaces ikEndSpace and UpVecSpace renamed to ikSpace and PoleVectorSpace.

  • (Legcomponent) Updated anim attribute layout.

  • (Polevectors) Support for updating existing keys instead of just every frame.

  • (Rotationordermm) Display current rotationOrder in bold.

  • (Spinecomponent) RotationOrder of first guide to be ZXY.

  • (Templates) Update bipedal templates to have ankle rotateOrder as ZXY.

  • (Vchaincomponent) Updated anim attribute layout.

1.0.0a12 (2022-01-18)


  • (Ikfk) Support for matching IKFK over the currently selected frame range.

  • (Markingmenu) Change Rotation order options.

  • (Spaceswitching) Added baking options.


  • (Animmarkingmenu) Ignore DGNodes in current selection.

  • (Animmarkingmenu) SelectChildControls marking menu to also include currently selected.

  • (Symmetry) Fix component children not being included with symmetry.


  • (Legcomponent) IkEnd rotation order is now ZXY.

  • (Naming) Basic refactor of naming config on components in prep for new configuration method.

  • (Naming) Component deformLayer joints no longer use name spaces.

1.0.0a11 (2021-12-20)


  • (Animation) Deleting all Keyframes deletes the underlying controlPanel.

1.0.0a10 (2021-12-17)


  • (Symmetry) Added support for guide symmetry via markingmenu.


  • (Commands) Save template always overrides the template if it exists.

  • (Components) Building godnode off world zero results in incorrectly placed controls.

  • (Components) Regression Fix for leg and vchain components not hiding twistOffset guides in the viewport.

  • (Components) TwistCtrlsVis, baseIK local transform and foot pivots attributes keyable state should be Off.

  • (Components) Vchain uprTwistOffset Guide visibility state not off.

  • (Components) Visibility attribute baked into component definition.

  • (Core) Duplicate attributes present in node definition.

  • (Core) Ensure Rig Layer definition only comes from the base component definition not scene.

  • (Core) Visibility Attribute being serialized from scene guide.

  • (Duplicate) Duplicating a component doesn’t duplicate children.

  • (Mirror) Mismatch constraints when mirrored components already exists.

  • (Templates) Template saving contains visibility configuration, now removed from templates on save.


  • (Alignment) Speed improvements when disconnecting/connecting components before aligning.

  • (Buildscripting) Build scripting plugins now get temporarily cached and reused between Pre/Post methods but removed from the cache afterwards.

  • (Buildscripting) Default build script now turns off preserveChildren.

  • (Component) LegComponent FootBreak to use 40.0 as the default value.

  • (Pinning) Speed improvements to Pin/unPin.

1.0.0a9 (2021-12-8)


  • (Api) CreateGuideControllerTags method to provide components custom ordering. Defaults to creation Order.

  • (Api) CreateRigControllerTags method to provide components custom ordering. Defaults to creation Order.

  • (Api) SetupSelectionSet method to components.

  • (Buildscripting) Add pre guide build method.

  • (Core) Support for attribute definition propagation.

  • (Spaceswitching) FkSpace for vchain/leg components.

  • (Templates) Biped template.


  • (Anim Rig) Fix twist offset controls not being driven by the rig.

  • (Annotations) Fix annotation visiblity lock state not being repected.

  • (Buildsystem) Deleting Hive Layers wouldn’t happen if you delete when in a early build stage but contains later stage layers.

  • (Core) Failure to polish when certain components aren’t built.

  • (Core) Loading a rig from the scene doesn’t use the base component definition for the base before merging the scene state.

  • (Core) Setting shape colour with no value raises TypeError.

  • (Core) Shape Colour being overridden when using the raw shapeData.

  • (Core) Unicode issue for py2.

  • (Guide) Annotation setGuideVisible doesn’t toggle annotation visibility.

  • (Guides) Fix guide pivot visibility toggle only toggling one component instead of all components.

  • (Guides) Hive now deletes out of sync scene guides based on the definition cache.

  • (Ikfkmatch) Select all IK/FK specified controls across components.

  • (Ikfkmatch) TypeError when undoing.

  • (Markingmenu) Head component space switching missing from marking menu.

  • (Markingmenu) LinkFKtoFk doesn’t sort guides by component leading to corrupt guides.

  • (Markingmenu) Space switching menu actions to be combined between components.

  • (Markingmenu) Space switching setting matrix on wrong node.

  • (Markingmenu) Terrible lag when running “reset all below” marking menu action.

  • (Rig) Guide visibility effect rig control visibility.

  • (Spaceswitching) Head component spaces using parent instead of orient constraint.

  • (Spaceswitching) Vchain/leg component space switch missing world when godnode doesn’t exist.

  • (Templates) LoadFromTemplate selects all root guides on all components instead of just the created.

  • (Twists) Control shapes transforms and shapes aren’t maintained when changing count.

  • (Twists) HasTwists not removing guides.


  • (Api) Definition transform attributes get and set maya types.

  • (Api) Guide.shapeNode now returns a controlNode class for better access to shape methods.

  • (Component) Update finger and spine base definition.

  • (Components) Fix broken godnode definition.

  • (Components) Head Component shapes and positioning defaults updated.

  • (Components) Leg component defaults.

  • (Components) Spine,vchain,godnode to remove the bind joints which don’t need to be part of the selectionSet.

  • (Components) Update default vchain and leg defaults.

  • (Core) Added layersById helper method for faster layer lookup.

  • (Core) Batch together node deletion during live link per component.

  • (Core) Better batching of default guide alignment code.

  • (Core) Cache the parent component instance during build.

  • (Core) General Optimisation guide creation.

  • (Core) General speed improvements to Guide building.

  • (Core) In prep for attr type classes.

  • (Core) Template registry save to raise an error if unable to save to disk.

  • (Core Optimisation) Minor pass at improving rig deletion speed.

  • (Marking Menu) Renamed “Set Parent Guide” to “Link FK to FK”.

  • (Templates) Natalie,robot,robo_ball,arm,godnode and spine updated controls.


  • (Templates) Removed spine template.

1.0.0a8 (2021-11-16)


  • (Misc) Fix Natalie template foot pivots orientations.

  • (Misc) Fix terrible lag when running “reset all below” marking menu action.

1.0.0a7 (2021-11-15)


  • (Misc) API: Support for deleting joints, outputs and inputs from Hive layers.

  • (Misc) Added ‘HIVE_TEMPLATE_SAVE_PATH’ environment variable to act as fallback path.

  • (Misc) Added Foot/wrist space to pole vector.

  • (Misc) LRA marking menu option now always visible.

  • (Misc) New ‘Add Guide’ marking menu option for fk components.

  • (Misc) New ‘Set Parent Guide’ marking menu option for fk components.


  • (Misc) Changing FK joint from 1 to anything greater will result in all new guides overlapping.

  • (Misc) Changing Fk joint count resets the guides to world zero.

  • (Misc) Duplicate entries in definition for I/O nodes.

  • (Misc) FK I/O nodes don’t match the joint count.

  • (Misc) Has Twists no longer working.

  • (Misc) Parenting using hotkey “p” corrupts build, guide parenting will now cause standard maya parenting error.

  • (Misc) Proxy attributes not maintaining min/max state of primary attribute.

  • (Misc) Rebuilding after a Fk joint count change errors.

  • (Misc) Twist guide offsets not compensating for scale during auto alignment.


  • (Misc) Marking menu Rig option “Publish Rig” renamed to “Polish Rig” for consistency.

  • (Misc) Updated Leg component control shapes to less chaoic.

1.0.0a6 (2021-11-3)


  • (Misc) Fix guide alignment reseting scale.

  • (Misc) Fix regression to leg rotation alignment due to legacy code still running.

1.0.0a5 (2021-11-2)


  • (Misc) Fixed regression where changing twist settings for the first would use old guide scene state.

1.0.0a4 (2021-11-1)


  • (Misc) Fixed AttributeError when the guide and deform skeleton count don’t match. We currently delete any joints which don’t have a guide.

  • (Misc) Fixed Container unbound attributes not being removed between builds.

  • (Misc) Fixed Twist Guide Settings not sticking between build states.

1.0.0a3 (2021-10-18)


  • (Misc) Add publish rig to rig marking menu.

  • (Misc) Added Align Guides tools to Marking menu.

  • (Misc) Added Biped template.

  • (Misc) Added Natalie template.

  • (Misc) Added arm template.

  • (Misc) Added duplicateGuide method to guideLayer.

  • (Misc) Added rootMotion and offset controls to godNode component.

  • (Misc) Added skeleton visibility toggle to anim menu.

  • (Misc) Added spine template.

  • (Misc) Added support for serializing only specific Hive layers.

  • (Misc) Added support in GuideLayer class to delete a subset of guides in the scene.

  • (Misc) Changed “Select guide Shapes” to “Select Guide controls”.

  • (Misc) Changed Default head component control colors to match robot.

  • (Misc) Changed Root Shape Node to be larger for better visibility and selection.

  • (Misc) Changed Root Shape Node to cube_bounding.

  • (Misc) Consolidated Default guide settings into the GuideDefinition class for consistency.

  • (Misc) Replaced Robot spine with new templated version.

  • (Misc) Template library to register as lower case for better discovery.


  • (Ankle) Animation control not aligning with the ball on World Y.

  • (Misc) Auto align vchain/leg will now handle the srts making undo more predictable and resetting rotations on the guide is now give more ideal result.

  • (Misc) Fixed Crash when undoing auto alignment due to mays undo queue and cmds.

  • (Misc) Fixed aim component auto alignment.

  • (Misc) Fixed annotations not being deleted when a subset of guides are being deleted.

  • (Misc) Fixed annotations setParent not setting extraNodes parent.

  • (Misc) Fixed case loading a template onto an existing rig would reconnect formally removed component parents.

  • (Misc) Fixed case where Twists alignment would ignore translation.

  • (Misc) Fixed case where building the VChain component would error due to no twist definitions.

  • (Misc) Fixed case where the user couldn’t snap to the root in the viewport.

  • (Misc) Fixed case where twist offsets visibility would be reset on build.

  • (Misc) Fixed component library refresh not clearing definitions even though a definition was removed on disk.

  • (Misc) Fixed component.componentParentJoint failure when deformLayer doesn’t exist yet.

  • (Misc) Fixed coplanar math for vchain autoalign ignoring Plane Normal.

  • (Misc) Fixed create Component doesn’t match rotations to currently first selected node.

  • (Misc) Fixed default shape type being the circle, now builds with no shape better troubleshooting.

  • (Misc) Fixed duplicate and mirror components selecting either all root guides across the rig or rig root.

  • (Misc) Fixed edge case where head component error on build deform due to scene serialization missing important info.

  • (Misc) Fixed foot pivots don’t align relative to ankle in world Y.

  • (Misc) Fixed god node controls have different naming convention to other parts of the rig.

  • (Misc) Fixed guide Srts doubling up when rebuilding.

  • (Misc) Fixed guide attributes not propagating from base definition.

  • (Misc) Fixed guide axis shape not switching off when manual orient is toggled off.

  • (Misc) Fixed guide visibility not being serialized.

  • (Misc) Fixed iKFK matching double Transform on scale.

  • (Misc) Fixed inconsistency between manual orient setting and auto align.

  • (Misc) Fixed infinite loop when finding parent components joint.

  • (Misc) Fixed multi duplication not remapping parents resulting in 2x the amount of duplicated components.

  • (Misc) Fixed pole Vector not being auto aligned.

  • (Misc) Fixed remove component parent not disconnecting metadata.

  • (Misc) Fixed rename template not setting the rigName inside the template.

  • (Misc) Fixed rig Hrc node being locked, as it was impossible to reparent.

  • (Misc) Fixed rigLayer definition not merging differences between default def and scene state.

  • (Misc) Fixed robot update to remove root shape nodes.

  • (Misc) Fixed root Control node being created.

  • (Misc) Fixed twist Offset guide visibility not being set during build.

  • (Misc) Fixed twist Offset guides not being deleted.

  • (Misc) Fixed twist joint position generation being inverted.

  • (Misc) Fixed twist orients always being inverted by default.

  • (Misc) Fixed user error displaying stacktrace when component parenting isn’t supported.

  • (Misc) Fixed vchain being rebuilt from scratch when twist settings have changed, also Fixes child components being disconnected.

  • (Misc) Fixed vchain/leg outputs being in world space instead of local space.


  • (Misc) Removed legacy code which dealt with definition versions.

1.0.0 (2023-09-19)


  • (Aimcomponent) Aim control now has parent/world spaceSwitch.

  • (Templates) Added QuadSpine template with appropriate guide alignment.

  • (Components) Added Quad Leg component integration, note: doesn’t contain Bendy.


  • (Aimcomponent) Aim control needs rotate and scale locked and hidden.

  • (Aimcomponent) Alignment fixes.

  • (Aimcomponent) Aim anim control doesn’t scale with the component.

  • (Core) Fix Rebuild error when InputLayer is deleted.

  • (Definition) Attributes aren’t serialized if the base definition has no attributes specified.

  • (Jaw) Fix guide scale alignment for jaw.

  • (Spinecomponent) Fix WorldUpVec control having non zero local transforms.

  • (Twists) Fix Deform joints not being removed from definition when count changes.

  • (Twists) Fix outputs not being deleted when twist count changes.

  • (Zoomannequin_Buildscript.Py) Zoo mannequin build script no longer fails if no heel tweaker controls.