ChangeLog (2022-11-17)


  • (Crash) Fix crash when creating a QSplitter when using PyQt5. (2022-11-16)


  • (Qt) Fix Pyqt5 compatibility issues. (2022-10-26)


  • (Mainwindow) Removed show argument from init function due to visual artifacts it can cause due to events.

  • (Windows) Fix window position saving. (2022-01-18)


  • (Pycharm) Added Remote debug to menu. (2022-05-31)


  • (Pycharm) Added Remote debug to menu.

  • (Sourcecodeeditor) Source code editor which contains python execution and log output window added.


  • (Core) DataChanged.emit raises error due to incorrect number of arguments in maya 2017.

  • (Sourcecodeeditor) Compiling which results in a syntax error wouldn’t log into the output widget.

  • (Unittestui) Reuses scripteditor state from zoo_maya. rely on unittest to handle new scenes.


  • (Menus) Remove Redundant menu icon.

  • (Menus) Update for new menu code.

  • (Shelf) Added back in shelf layout.

  • (Unittest) Removed latest maya dependency from UI.

  • (Unittestui) Removed icons which no longer work.


  • (Misc) - fix error handling for py3/2.

  • (Misc) Ability to run unit test from script editor.

  • (Misc) Ability to run unit test from script editor.

  • (Misc) Changed all Qt imports to zoovendor.Qt.

  • (Misc) Port of the following modules to zoo.core: zlogging, plugin, pluginmanager,modules,classtypes,envregistry.

  • (Misc) Port to ZooWindow base class.

  • (Misc) Renamed unittest class definition.

  • (Misc) Replace runner with zootools runner.

  • (Misc) Top level package test suite display with package name.