1.8.35 (2023-09-19)


  • (Jointtool) Fix displayJointSize failure.

1.8.34 (2023-08-22)


  • (Jointtool.Py) Missing Undo decorator added to create joint functions.

1.8.33 (2023-08-11)


  • (Blendshapetoolbox.Py) Placeholder, this tool is not working/activated yet.

  • (Constrainttoolbox.Py) Added Group Zero Object and Mark Ceneter Pivot Buttons and tooltips.

  • (Constrainttoolbox.Py) Added geoNormalConstraint and tooltips.

  • (Constrainttoolbox.Py) Logic is now working. Still needs tooltips.

  • (Constrainttoolbox.Py) UI is roughed out, logic has not been added.

  • (Deformertoolbox.Py) UI is roughed out, logic has not been added.

  • (Deformertooltips.Py) Added constraint tooltips.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added Create Joints Multi Parent right click option.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added Mark Center Pivot and Volume snap toggle.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added create joints from selection right click menu.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added matrix freeze and reset.

  • (Twistdeform_64.Png) Added icon.

  • (Zoo_Controls_Joints_Shelf.Layout) Added new shelf icon and menu “Rigging Macros”, changed the Deformer icon.

  • (Zoo_Controls_Joints_Shelf.Layout) Added new tooltips for the Rigging shelf icons.

  • (Zoo_Controls_Joints_Toolsets.Layout) New toolset group categories Deformers and Rigging Macros added.


  • (Splinebuilder) Fix rig not able to build in scene units other than centimetres.


  • (Commands) Update commands to latest core changes.


  • (Deformertoolbox.Py) Disabled wip UI.

  • (Zoo_Controls_Joints_Shelf.Layout) Removed Deformer Toolbox.

  • (Zoo_Controls_Joints_Shelf.Layout) Removed new shelf icons reverting back to one Controls Joints icon in the zoo menu.

1.8.32 (2023-06-22)


  • (Coplanar) Added CoPlanar toolset.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added Mirror Orientation and Behaviour options to the advanced UI.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added Scale Compensate On and Off to the advanced UI.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added draw styles floating joint and multi-box to advance UI.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added plane and up ctrl modes the world up combo.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Added reset UI button.

  • (Jointtool.Py) New style orient which supports vectors and API code. No undo support yet. No up arrow control yet.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Now correctly uses the plane to pos snap if multiple braches, with minor issues.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Options to change aim, up and world up axis for the joint orient.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Picks up meta node ref plane from other UIs.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Plane and Arrow modes are working but have bugs.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Position right-click menu added and working.

  • (Jointtool.Py) UI updates joint size and scale compensate while changing selection. Also on startup.

  • (Plainorient.Py) Improved tooltips.

  • (Plainorient.Py) Inital selection is remembered while starting the tool.

  • (Plainorient.Py) New tool icon.

  • (Plainorient.Py) Self validates if reference plain or start/end joints or meta has been deleted while mouse enters the tool.

  • (Plainorient.Py) Support for typing names into the UI, checks for name clashes etc.

  • (Plainorient.Py) UI has been simplified, LRA buttons added. This tool should be fully working with assorted functionality tooltips and help page.

  • (Planeorient.Py) Picks up meta node ref plane from other UIs.


  • (Jointtool.Py) Rotate buttons change axis to match the aim axis setting in the compact UI.


  • (Jointtool.Py) Tweaked tooltips.

  • (Jointtool.Py) Tooltip tweaks.

  • (Plainorient.Py) Merged with daves new code for populating UI with the initial selection.

  • (Plainorient.Py) Refactored previously

  • (Zoo_Controls_Joints_Toolsets.Layout) Order in toolset changed for coplanar.


  • (Typeerror) Oops tooltip argument spelling.


  • (Preferences) Removed redundant code.

1.8.31 (2023-05-03)


  • (Skinningutilities.Py) Added new buttons autoRenameSkinCluster and weightHammer.


  • (Twistsui.Py) Removed beta status.

1.8.30 (2023-04-05)


  • (Skinningutilities.Py) Tooltips to copy and paste icons.


  • (Preferences) Ported ControlJoints pref interface function from preferences repo.

1.8.29 (2023-03-07)


  • (Twistsui.Py) Twist Extractor now warns the user while using in Maya 2019 and below.

1.8.28 (2023-03-02)


  • (Controlcreator.Py) Added a button for Deleting the Zoo Tracker Attributes from the selected controls.

  • (Editcontrols.Py) Added a menu item (lower dots menu) for Deleting the Zoo Tracker Attributes from the selected controls.

  • (Riggingmiscui.Py) Added right-click menu on the Mark Center Pivot button. Can now create locators, and also many markers matched to all selected objects.

  • (Skinningutilities.Py) Added copy and paste skin weights which allows for pasting onto selected components, faces/verts etc.

  • (Twistsui.Py) Added new tool Twist Extractor for creating a quaternion node setup that measures twists between two objects.


  • (Twistsui.Py) Fixed issues when the driven attribute is left blank.

1.8.27 (2023-01-25)


  • (Editcontrols.Py) Added “X-Ray Curves” Checkbox, functionaity is working.


  • (License) Update copyright for 2023.

1.8.26 (2022-12-03)


  • (Riggingmiscui.Py) Added “Match Objects” combo and button to Rigging Misc UI.

  • (Skinningutilities.Py) Added different skinning options to the skin button > right-click.


  • (Qt) Fix Layouts having the same parent causing Qt logs to be output of linux/OSX.

1.8.25 (2022-09-29)


  • (Modelcontrolcurves) Removed item priority sorting temporarily due to i/o bugs it causes.

1.8.24 (2022-07-20)


  • (Browsers) Removed Redundant Image view chunk size override.

  • (Minibrowser) Reduced Image loading count to 20 vs 200 to speed up UI load time.


  • (Filemodel) Removed Redundant FileModel import statement.

1.8.23 (2022-05-31)


  • (Minibrowsers) Update minibrowserpathlist import.

  • (Splinerig) Rig combobox italic to be set via the font() instead of the stylesheet.

  • (Zoopackage) Removed Redundant startup commands in zoo_package.


  • (Zoopackage) Removed Redundant blender layout files.

1.8.22 (2022-04-16)


  • (Replacejointweights.Py) Added button self.transferSelBtn for transferring skin weights between selected joints.


  • (Core) Fixed numerous Qt warnings related to multiple layouts being parented to the same QWidget.

  • (Core) Incorrect function call for determining maya mode.

  • (Splinerig.Py) RebuildAdditiveFk needed a kwarg to avoid errors.


  • (Convertrotateuplist() ) Removed function convertRotateUpList() and replaced with a dictionary in zoocore, refactor for many files.

1.8.21 (2022-03-14)


  • (Replacejointweights.Py) Title no longer contains “beta”.

1.8.20 (2022-02-22)


  • (Controlcreator.Py) Warns the user if no thumbnails are selected for misc functions.

  • (Editcontrols.Py) Better error checks for combine and replace curves.


  • (Shelf) Migrate shelf button to new button type.

  • (Smooth Skin - Brave Rabbit) Disable tool as not public yet.

  • (Zoo_Controls_Joints_Toolsets.Layout) Removed “smoothSkin” from the toolsets layout.


  • (Api) Remove redundant maya/blender conditional.

1.8.19 (2022-02-04)


  • (Replace Joint Weights) Icon added.

  • (Replace Joint Weights) New tool that can replace joint skin weights between joints by suffix/prefix.

  • (Rigging Misc Ui) Added follicles transfer button.


  • (Replace Joint Weights) Tool renamed with (beta) at end.

  • (Smooth Skin Ui) Temporarily enabled in Zoo dev again.

1.8.18 (2022-01-18)


  • (Riggin Miscellaneous) Added help URL to tool.


  • (Preferences) ControlJointsInterface being initialized on module load causes issues with Doc Gen.

1.8.16 (2021-12-18)


  • (Bakenamespaces) For Rigging Miscellaneous UI.

  • (Obj Selection Highlight) Buttons for Rigging Miscellaneous UI.

  • (Rigging Misc) New tool called Rigging Misc with mark center pivot and more later.

  • (Smoothskinui.Py) Inital support for braverabbits smooth skin tool. Must separately install smoothweights plugin. Will be moved to a new repo later.


  • (Rigging Miscellaneous) Tool name renamed to Miscellaneous.

1.8.15 (2021-12-08)


  • (Zoo Renamer) Move renamer into controls joints from zoo maya.

1.8.14 (2021-11-16)


  • (Editcontrols) Fixed bug where CombineSelectedCurves was not working in the UI.

  • (Layout) Fix color button widths.