CLI Commands

In Zootools we have have a CLI interface which allows you run arbitrary commands for example loading an application with ZootoolsPro, managing Zoo packages.

Before we begin playing around make sure you have a copy of zootools in a development location eg. documents/zootoolspro.

Commands documentation


You should cd into the root folder of zootools. This is required due to the cli using the working directly as a way to determine the location of internal files.

All operations are done using the ‘install/core/bin/zoo_cmd’

Lets first setup zootools and add it to maya.

cd zootoolspro
call ./bin/zoo_cmd.bat setup --destination destination/folder --zip --app maya --app_dir

In the case you want to install a new package you can use the ‘–install’ flag. Like the following.

cd zootoolspro
call ./bin/zoo_cmd.bat installPackage --path myPackagePath

You can also do –inPlace 1 if you want ot use the package directly without

call ./bin/zoo_cmd.bat installPackage --path myPackagePath --inPlace

Git tags are also supported defined like so

cd zootoolspro
call install/core/bin/zoo_cmd.bat installPackage --path https:\\myGitpath.git --tag v1.0.0


It’s also Possible to run any CLI command via the python api

from zoo.core import api
zoo = api.zooFromPath(os.environ["ZOOTOOLS_PRO_ROOT"])
zoo.runCommand("installPackage" ("--path somePath/folder", "--inPlace"))