Where To Look For Work

This page is for those looking to find work. Usually I’ll tell a student when their work is ready for applying for work, if so this page is for you.


Importance of Networking

I can’t understate how important networking is when getting a job, this can sound like hard work but usually it’s just going to social events and chatting to people. It’s easy to meet friends this way and you’ll notice the same familiar faces going to all the regular events.

Friends with industry contacts are one of the best ways of getting work in this small industry. For example the majority of my students have gotten work from my recommendation.

Other ways to improve your industry contacts…

DLF meetings (free as advertised on the mailing list)
Sketchmeet (free)
– Industry events (varied)
– Training events (varied)


Importance of Applying Everywhere

Without a doubt most student’s don’t take the time to apply everywhere they can. Don’t be one of these students.

Apply to all companies even if there’s no jobs advertised. Take the time to do it.

Students will usually wait for the right job at a big/reputable company. I think in part this has to do with laziness, in part ego but mostly I think it has to do with a fear of rejection.

It’s ok to be rejected by good companies, but smaller unknown companies can hurt the ego. But if you don’t apply you definitely won’t get a job at that company. Apply!


On Being Rejected and Not hearing From Companies

Please be aware that not hearing back from companies is not necessarily rejection. If I’ve said you’re ready for work that probably means you are.

The simple fact is most companies just don’t need people at the time you’re applying. It’s like being in a happy relationship, you’re not looking for a new partner and most of the time neither are they.

If a company doesn’t respond to your application that means it’s a simple “no”.

Don’t take the lack of reply personally, people are very busy and often get lots of applications so it’s not rude to not reply. It’s a simple “no”. It can be frustrating to not hear reasons why. Usually it’s just we’re not hiring right now, or we found someone we liked or already knew/had worked with.


Places to look for work are…

1. DLF.org.au (For finding work in Australia).
Sign up to the two mailing lists, one is for chat and the other is for Jobs and events. DLF is for techy/mostly moving image related fields, animators, broadcast design, compositing, 3d and some web design. Job posts are great.
DLF Mailing Lists

2. The Loop (Australia)
The Loop
A lot of people are starting to use the loop for job ads and showreels and events etc.

3. Apply directly to every company you can find (see below for sydney companies. Send your reel every 3 months to every place on this list. Keep applying with updates to your reel each time.

4. Find companies in your area (Sydney links below)
CG Studio Map is a great place to start, and it’s free to find studios all over the world even the small ones.

Also see this link too


3d Companies In Sydney

Animal Logic (Fox Studios)

Ambience Entertainment (Alexandria)

Blue Post (Fox Studios)

Buck (Surry Hills)

Collider Films (Rushcutters Bay)

Cutting Edge (Chippendale)

Digital Pictures (Artarmon)

Digital Pulse (Crows Nest)

Epiphany Games Games (Ultimo)

Fanatic Films (Pyrmont)

Fin Design (Surry Hills)

Flying Bark Productions (Camperdown)

Frame Set and Match (Northbridge)

Games Lab (Sydney City)

Hackett Films (Chippendale)

Heckler (Surry Hills)

Ink Project (Stanmore)

Lime House Creative (Surry Hills)

Orbit VFX (Surry Hills)

Magnificent Itch (Surry Hills)

Mighty Nice (Chippendale)

Mirage VFX (Alexandria)

Mirari&Co (Chatswood)

Plastic Wax (Silverwater)

Random Blowup (Surry Hills)

Resolution Design (Darlinghurst)

Rotor (North Sydney)

Skyhouse Studios (Cloud/Remote but based in Sydney)

Spinifex (Darlington)

Supervixen (Surry Hills)

25 and Sunny (Pymont)

ZSpace (Ultimo)


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