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Websites simply need to show your work as quickly as possible and with a nice clean design, you’re an artist!

Tyroe is the perfect solution for a student not wanting to waste time building a custom portfolio site.

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Pete Thomson on Tyroe

Thomas Dreyer on Tyroe



Although has all the following covered, if you want a unique site see the following…

– Open with you best work on your front page, usually your reel, the only exception is if you create a lot of still work (no motion) then open with your gallery.
– An resume and contact page is essential, use these as a menu items that you can click to.
– Only have a gallery page if you have nice stills, do not show work that is work in progress or old. Do not put a blog page unless your work is great. It’s ok to have a WIP blog but do not link to it from your site, keep it hidden only for you and your friends.
– Avoid fancy menus animation flash intros etc. Make sure your page can be seen on mobile devices.

Examples of good websites.

JM Linares

Mike Paech
Reel on front page and other pages are simple. He likes toony animation so his site represents his love for the toon…

Juan Arias
Opens with his gallery since his new work wasn’t on his reel. Reel is easy to find. Clean design no extra txt. Could take out his archive page but at least it is clearly marked as old work.

Asim Saeed
Work is easily accessable on main page. Main page opens with a gallery. Simple design


Website Not Necessary.

I’ve not had an up to date website for many years. The last time I updated my personal site was in 2004! I simply link to vimeo for my reels. You do not need a website, you need good work.

Vimeo is prefered over youtube simply or it’s page design. If you’d like to embed HD videos in your site you need to pay the memebership and I believe you’re limited to one HD video per week on the free service. This can be a real pain if you’re uploading your reel frantically with different versions for a job! Just beware.


Cargo Collective

Cargo Collective specialises in Portfolio sites for designers and may be a great alternative to if you wish to have a different look and feel.


Andrew Silke

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