3rd Year 2015, Semester 1, Asset Building – Dislocation

Overall Short Film Restrictions

Assignment 1. Details
Assignment 2. Details
Assignment 3. Details

Week 1. Custom Maya Prefs and Advanced Poly Modelling Workflow
Week 2. Introducing the Renderman Renderer
Week 3. Shaders

James Taylor UV Unwrap Youtube Video
Week 4. Unwrapping Maya to ZBrush Workflow
Week 4. Textures in Mudbox (Displace Normal Bump Color)
Week 4. Illustrative textures in Mudbox (more colour info)
Week 4. Maya Renderman, applying displacement normal bump and colour textures

Week 5. Easy To Create 3d Characters
Week 5. Yoki Animation
Week 5. Yoki Modelling
Week 5. One More Beer
Week 5. Johnny Express

Week 6 (public holiday)

Week 7. Holiday Class, Models from primitives.

Week 8. Character Modelling Revisions, Topology Joining Objects and quad draw.
Week 9. Skeleton Pivots
Week 9. Rapid Rig Modular
Week 9. Skinning And TF Skin Smooth

Week 10. Rig Rebuild
Week 10. Skin Wrangler (shelf Icon)

Week 11. Custom Controls
Week 12. Facial Rigging
Week 12. Shapes Overview And Facial

3d Animation And Finishing: Year 3, Semester 2, 2014

Assignment 1 Criteria

Previs and Anim Blocking
Week 2. Facial Drag and Drop Face Rig
Week 2. Shapes And Facial Blendshape Setup
Week 3. Rebuilding Rigs
Week 4. Acting http://www.create3dcharacters.com/animation-week-04/
Week. 5 Render Layers
Week. 5 After Effects Render Layers
Week. 5 IBLs of 3d scenes (bottom)
Lighting Video Tutes: Final Gather and Sampling, Light Linking
Lighting Video Tutes: Baking Final Gather

3d Asset Creation And Lighting: Year 3, Semester 1

Assignment 2 Criteria
Assignment 3 Criteria

Week 1. Choosing Projects and Animatics
Week 2. Modelling Recap
Week 3. Linear 32 bit Lighting
Week 4. Light Basics and Studio Lighting and Wireframe Renders
Week 4. Scene Modelling Inspiration
Week 5. Kelvin Coloured Lights, Final Gather, Physical Sun, IBL/HDRI, Portal Lights
Week 6. Linking, Baking FG, Portal Lights, IES, Sampling, Exposure, Light Friend Script, 3d IBLs
Week 7. Mental Ray Lighting Checklist
Week 7. Easy To Create 3d Characters
Week 7. Lighting for Mood
Week 8. 3d Character Design
Week 8. Elements of Shaders
Week 8. Base Mental Ray Shader: Mia Material X
Week 9. Unwrap UVs Maya 2015
Week 9. Unwrap Uvs Maya 2014 and ZBrush
Week 9. Rapid Rig: Step By Step Setup
Week 10. Custom Controls for Auto Rigs
Week 10. Skinning Workflow and Scripts
Week 11. Texturing – Displacement and Normal Maps Mudbox
Week 11. Texturing – Illustrative Textures in Mudbox
Facial For Holidays
Facial: Realistic Eye Setup
Facial: Skinning And Rigging 3 Joint Jaw


3d Characters and Animation: Year 2, Semester 2

Assessment 1. Elements Model

Andrew’s Maya Prefs

Week 1. Do-Ability
Week 2. Installing Custom Maya Prefs and Advanced Poly Modelling Workflow
Week 3. Sculpting In Mudbox
Week 3. Polygon Extras
Week 4. Retopology
Week 6. Autoriggers
Week 7. Skin and Joint Recap
Week 8. Face Shape Modelling
Week 9. Unwrapping UVs
Week 10. Animation Tools Overview
Week 11. Transitioning To Splines
– Setting Up Cameras
– Rig Referencing
Week 12. Animating Lip Sync


3d Rigging: Year 2, Semester 1

Assessment 1. Skinning Big Buck Bunny
Assessment 2. Rigging Big Buck Bunny Due 16th of MAY.

Week 1. Creating A Simple Rig
Week 2. Skinning
Week 3. Joints
Week 4. Euler Rotations
Week 5. Curve Controls
Week 6. Channel Box, Connections and Reverse Foot
Week 7. Advanced Skinning, Clusters, Wire Deformer, Spline IK
Week 8. Recap: Putting A Basic Rig Together
Week 9. Animated Constraints, IK/FK Switch, Nodes, Auto Twist Halfway Joints
Week 10. Facial and Blend Shapes
Week 11. Corrective Blend Shapes, 3 Joint Jaw, Pose Deformers
Week 12. Shoulder Pose Deformers, Auto Riggers, Summary

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