C3dC Student Reels

Finding Work

The following is a list of reels that are of job quality. Most people here are working or have obtained some form of work. These are in alphabetical order.

Try to watch all the reels in order. While watching these reels pay attention to how hard it is to stay focused and watch them fully. Also notice how important the main image is. Your reel needs to be short and sweet and of quality, when companies are hiring they look through a lot of reels, some better and worse than these. And with time restrictions they don’t want to be bored or seeing bad quality!

Some reels are missing due to availability.


Asim Saeed (2013)



boris Fomin (2014)



Cam Stewart (2014)



Charles Ewart (2015)



Domenic Lau (2014)



Halil Mehmet (2013)



Jessica Sommerville (2014)


Jessica Sommerville (breakdown)



Joel Best (2015)



Josh Henare (2013)


Josh Henare (breakdown)



Pete Thomson (Not Working yet)



Sam Tull (2013)



Sophie Bernice (2015)



Thomas Dreyer (2015)



Tim Jarick (Not Working)



Tim Krakowiak (2015)



Tom Coe (2015)


Tom Coe (Model Turnaround)



Andrew Silke

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