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Welcome to the student area of Andrew’s 3d Classes. I’ll be posting all class notes and video tutorials on the following pages in this area. This is a work in progress section that I’m constantly updating. Please be patient, some area’s are more developed than others. Enjoy!



1. Friend Me on Facebook

Friend me on facebook and I’ll add you to the student group. I’m “Andrew Silke” and easy to find, I’ll add you to our student facebook group.

2. Facebook Groups

Once friends on Facebook I’ll add you to the following groups
– Andrew’s 3d Student Group
– 3d A Day

It’s a good idea to first add these groups to your favourites and then unsubscribe in your feed. The groups are very handy so please check regularly. I don’t post much information via email.

3. Andrew’s 3d Student Group

This is where I post relevant news and information to all students, event info, new videos and training, updated prefs or 3d info jobs and announcements.

Feel free to post anything you deem relevant too, this is a public board for all my students. Only my students can see this area, it is not viewable by the public.

4. 3d A Day Group

This is a WIP group for everyone, please post WIPS! I can’t stress how useful it is to post rough work in progress. Most students follow this thread and they’ll get to know you through this group. It’s very good for contacts and to track your growth.

Please post things you are not proud of, too many people post only finished work. I encourage and applaud WIPs even bad ones and it’s the best place to get feedback from me.

5. Follow Create 3d Characters on Facebook

This is my public profile blog. On this page I post free tutorials from around the web and inspiration and lots of useful stuff. I’m usually posting student relevant information here. Anyone can join or view this page. You are welcome to suggest links here too or tell your friends/fellow students.

Simply like the page here and you’ll receive the updates which I post on weekdays.

You can also create an interest list and add this page to your interest list.

6. Install Maya and Mudbox

Make sure you have the latest versions of Maya and Mudbox installed. Currently I’m supporting 2014 and 2015. Upgrade as soon as possible unless required by your school to be on a lower version. As of writing this in May 2014 I am using 2015 for Modelling and UVs and 2014 for everything else.

You can download the student version for free from the Autodesk website. Technically this is only for students large schools however I’ve asked my friends at Autodesk and they informed me to simply tell my students to pick a school that’s close to them as they don’t check if this info and you are paying students with me anyway.

Make sure you have the latest service packs installed for maya, these fix bugs in the programs. You can find them here

Maya Service Packs

Mudbox Service Packs

7. Install Andrew’s Maya Preferences

I put all student on my Maya hotkeys and preferences. They come with heaps of handy scripts and hotkeys for speeding up your workflow.

Maya’s made by programmers and the default hotkeys are terrible for artists. Hotkeys/scripts save vast amounts of time.

Get the preferences here.

8. Create a Pinterest page

Pinterest is a great image collection resource. Pin the reference for your projects here. You can use your facebook login to register.

I have a lot of boards that can be useful for students…

Create 3d Characters on Pinterest

Andrew Silke on Pinterest

9. Choose your project!

More information here

Lets get creating!!


Andrew Silke

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