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CVs are almost irrelevant for CG artists this is why I’v left it till last. You need one yes, and you need to write it well but you get hired on your reel not on your CV. I’ve been hired many times without the company asking for a CV at all.

Always write your CV for the company you’re applying for, ask yourself

“what do they want to hear?”

Find a CV online with some nice formatting, a .pdf is best because it’s easy to read. You can also send as a .doc format too.


CV Structure – Andrew Silke CV

1. Title, Name, Contact Details, Date

Andrew Silke
m. +61 479112953
Sept 11, 2012

2. Summary of Qualifications
Put main details here with any relevant skills for the job that will help them make a decision.

– 10 years film experience: Gravity, Avatar, Happy Feet, Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget 2 and George of the Jungle 2
– Strong leadership qualities
– High skill level in diverse areas of cg and software
– Enjoy the collaborative process
– Appreciates constructive criticism
– Strive for outstanding work with an emphasis on the end result
– Passion for extending skills beyond the workplace
– Comprehensive study of Communication Design (computer graphics)
– Strong artistic skills including photography, drawing, sculpture, music

4. Jobs
List your jobs in reverse date order, most recent work first. Can put some notes with job saying what you did if it’s important.

Animal Logic (freelance 2012)
Senior Animator (Polar)

Dr D (freelance 2011)
Senior Previs and lensing, (Happy Feet 2)
-previs, lensing

Framestore Film (freelance 2010 -2011)
Senior Animator, (and offered a lead position) (Gravity)
-senior animator, previs

Framestore Commercials (freelance 2009 -2010)
Senior Animator (Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows + assorted commercials)
-senior animator, rigging, previs

Weta Digital (freelance 2008)
Senior Animator, Rigging (Avatar)
-creature animation, rigging

5. Software knowledge
List all the software you know and details here. For Maya say which areas you know. List software most important to least.

6. Achievements
At this point you can just put things you want to highlight

Happy Feet Animated and pre-vis for the entire Leopard Seal chase scene
Cane-Toad Short Film Awards
Woodford Film Festival Winner and Audience Award Winner
Currumbin Short Film Festival: Best film, Best animation, Best Screenplay (2003)
St Kilda Short Film festival: Best Comedy (2003)
Queensland Young Filmmakers Awards: Best Animation, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Screenplay. (2002)

SIGGRAPH 2000 animation screening
Student animation “Samurice” accepted in the SIGGRAPH Conference 2000 at New Orleans

10 sec Animation Club animation winner November 2001 and December 2003

7. Education
List your education and highlight7 what you learned. You may put my courses here. Ask me and I can give you a certificate level.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design (Graduated 1999)
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Computer Arts Course- 3d animation, digital video, web design, multimedia production, project management.
Lightwave, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Director, Authorware, Premiere, Media 100, HTML, Java.
Macintosh and PC

3d Animation Scholarship (September 1998)
Silicon Studios QANTM Brisbane
Level 1 and 2 in Maya

Kirwan High School (Graduated 1996)
Overall Position (OP) 3 out of 24
Very High Achievement, Excellence Award in Art
Very High Achievement in Graphics (Technical Drawing)
Very High Achievement in IPT (Computer Studies)

8. Interests
I like to put interests as it makes you sound like a human being with other hobbies

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Cinematography, Story, Film, Surfing, Philosophy

8. References
Always try to include 3 references from employers etc. You can put me here too.

Dave Clayton (Animation Supervisor, Weta, Wellington)
Mob: +xxx
Email: xxx
David Peers (Layout/camera director, Dr D, Sydney)
Mob: xxx
Email: xxx

Nicklas Anderson (Senior Animator, Animal Logic, Sydney)
Mob: xxx
Email: xxx


Andrew Silke

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