Fast Realistic Lighting Script Setup

Maya, Mental Ray: Lighting



Here’s a very fast way of setting up a realistic IBL setup in Maya 2015. This is not compatible with other versions of Maya. Big thanks to Tani Mueller for scripting these up! These are a work in progress so we’ll be updating these to include more features.

Install the scripts then press each one in the order

1. Load MR
2. Linear Workflow Setup
3. IBL Setup
4. Turntable
5. Direction Light Create
6. Mila Shader Creation* known issues but will work sometimes.

*Update on the Mila script issue. If you experience bugs like I do in this video, a potential fix is to build a new mila manually (no gamma required) then run the script after and the issue should be fixed. We’ll try and find a proper solution to this, it’s very strange.

The video also has tips on how to get the grey background look. This will be automated later too.

IBL images can be dowloaded from HDR Labs. In this demo I use the Serpentive Valley IBL (scroll down) near the bottom of the page.

Also see the Turntables In Mental Ray Page for full manual setup and all the extra bells and whistles for making turntables look great in Mental Ray.

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