Maya Preferences

C3dC Hotkeys and Shelves


Install The Maya 2016 Service Packs

1. Install Maya 2016 student/educational version
2. Install the latest Maya 2016 Service Pack (If available)
Use google to find the latest.
This will install the latest bug fixes for Maya
*Also install the latest Mudbox Service Pack if you haven’t done so too. But Maya is most critical
*ZBrush also regularly updates it’s installer too find that under auto update
3. Install my 2016 prefs as per these instructions

Close Maya

(always have maya closed when configuring preferences as it will rebuild as it shuts down)

Maya Prefs Installation Instructions

Find your preferences…
Depending on your OS..

MacOSX here: /Users/andrewsilke/Library/

(you need to unhide the library folder as it’s hidden)

Follow this link in newer versions of the OS

Or in older versions

Type in the terminal the following line
chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Unhiding The Library Folder on MacOSX

something like:

C:\Documents and Settings\andrewsilke\My Documents\maya

Backup your preferences folder

It’ll be the folder called
by simply renaming the existing folder to

unzip the downloaded c3dc 2015 prefs folder

Download from the teaching group on Facebook under “files”. They’ll replace those you just renamed.

Load Maya

That’s it you’re done, load Maya

To Return

To return to your old preferences
CLOSE MAYA then remove, rename or move the existing folders called


and return the backed up folders to their original names.



These Changes have been made to the preferences…
Settings > Animation > Rig Evaluation Mode = Parallel (parallel CPUs)
Settings > Undo > Queue Size > 200
Settings > Time Slider > Real Time 24fps
Settings > Selection > Priority > Custom
– Nurbs Curves > 11
– Handles > 11
Settings > Selection > Selection Child Highlighting > Use Object Highlight Setting60

Tool Changes

Bridge Tool defaults to 0 subdivisions rather than 5

New Modified Hotkeys To Remember

These hotkeys are important to take note of if upgrading from 2015.
Hotkey Editor = 0 (was Default Quality Display)
Lambert 50% Grey in View = ctrl shift alt L
Delete History = alt shift d (this is now the default hotkey)
Delete Edge = alt g (and shift -)
Mirror Instance x = shift alt m (good for mirroring closed objects like eyes)
Create Camera From View = alt k
Toggle Isolate select mode = ctrl ` (This is new)
Backface Culling on Object = ctrl shift B
Show Infinity in the graph = shift i (nothing previous)
Delete Key Current Frame = shift ” (nothing previous)
Time Range End (to current frame) = ctrl alt shift . (none previous)
Pivot (enter edit mode) = ctrl alt d (none previous, new pivot mode)
Quad Draw (Tool Kit) = ctrl shift alt q (none previous) —
Preferences Window = alt 6 (none previous)
Script Editor = 8 (none previous) —-
Harden Edge = ctrl shift alt e60


Andrew Silke


Go To This Page


1. Install Maya
2. Install Service Pack
3. Close Maya
4. Find Prefs Directory
5. Rename Prefs Folder
6. Unzip New Prefs Folder
7. Start Maya


Zoom =alt mouse right click
Pan =alt mouse middle click
Track =alt mouse left click


Move = w
Rotate = e
Scale = r
Show manipulator tool = t
Last tool = y
Last command = g
Group = ctrl g
Parent = p
Unparent = shift p
Rotate snap = j (hold and rotate)


(Quality Smooth Display)
High = ctrl alt 3
Med = ctrl alt 2
Low = ctrl alt 1


Object mode/deselect = alt q
Vertices = alt 1
Edges = alt 2
Faces = alt 3


Hotkey window = 0
Outliner = 3
Hypershade = 4
Node Editor = shift 4
Node editor (open with selected vis) = alt 4
Channel Control editor = ctrl shift 4
Connection Editor = ctrl 4
Render View = 5
Render Settings = shift 5
Camera sequencer = 6
Preferences = alt 6
Namespace Editor = shift 6
Graph editor = 7
Spreadsheet editor = shift 7
Script editor = 8
Set driven keys = shift 8
UV texture = 9
Component Editor = shift 9
Hotkey Editor = 0
Reference Editor Window = ctrl shift r


Set key = s
Key visibility toggle = ctrl shift alt v
Delete Key Current Frame = shift ”
Make anim hold = alt a
Maya’s tangent marking menu = ctrl shift a
Zoo tangent Works anim = a
– hit and release for flat tangents on current or previous key
– hold for tangent types, linear stepped etc
– hold for other animation assorted options

Play Pause = alt v
Time Dragger Activate (scrub) = v
next key = c
previous key = x
next frame = alt c
previous frame = alt x
5 frames back in timeline = ctrl alt x
5 frames forwards in timeline = ctrl alt c

playback start = ctrl alt ,
playback end = ctrl alt .
range start =ctrl alt shift ,
range end = ctrl alt shift .

Copy Key DK = ctrl c
Paste Key DK = ctrl v
Insert key = i
Cycle Infinity = alt o
Show Infinity in the graph = shift i
Jump Time to Selected = alt shift a
Jump time to selected key = alt shift a
Snap key retain spacing = ctrl alt a


Delete History = alt d
Duplicate Standard (force) = shift d


Freeze transforms = alt f
Center Pivot = shift c


Soft select toggle = b
Brush change = b
Brush lower radius = shift b


play pause= alt v
next key = c
previous key = x
step key = alt c
step key back = alt x
move key 5 frames back = ctrl alt x
move key 5 frames forward = ctrl alt c
move time next frame = alt c
move time previous frame = alt x
set range range start = ctrl alt ,
set time range end = ctrl alt .


Create Camera = shift k
Create Camera From View = alt k
Select camera In View = k


Lighting Marking Menu = l (hold L no shift)


Match Position Rotation = ctrl alt shift /
Constrain Marking Menu = shift v
Skeleton Marking Menu = shift x
Deformer Marking Menu = shift f


Zoo Align Selection Hotkey Prs = ctrl alt shift p
Zoo Reset Attributes = ctrl shift alt s
Zoo Rig Selection MM =??? (was paint operation marking menu)
Zoo Selection Set Menu = u (none previous)
Zoo tangent Works anim = a (was frame all)


Hide Selected = ctrl h
Show Selected = shift h
Show All = shift u
Hide Unselected = ctrl uIsolate Vis Toggle = ctrl ` or shift \
Backface Culling on Object = ctrl shift B
Toggle and Key Visibility = ctrl alt shift v
Toggle hide object while keep selected = o

Display marking menu = d (hold)
– hit once is toggle curves on off
– hold for display toggles for all object types including grid
Handles Toggle = alt h

Undo View = [
Redo View = ]

Shaded toggle = 1
Texture toggle = 2 (issues)
Xray toggle = shift 1
wireframe on shaded = shift 2
Lights toggle = ctrl 1
Viewport 2.0 toggle with shadows = ctrl shift alt 1
Lambert 50% Grey in View = ctrl shift alt L


Create Marking Menu = shift (right click hold)
Create cube = ctrl shift u
Create sphere = ctrl shift o
Create cylinder = ctrl shift i
Create plane = ctrl shift p

Create NURBS Circle = ctrl alt shift o
Create Quick Select Set = ctrl y
Create Locator = shift L
Create camera = Shift k


Select Vertex = alt 1
Select Vertex = alt 2
Select Face = alt 3
Object Mode = alt q
Deselect = alt q

Select hierarchy = ctrl shift alt z
Grow selection = shift .
Shrink selection = shift ,
Select marking Menu (paint select and more) = q (hold)
Convert Selection Marking Menu = shift d


Grid = ,
Curve = .
Vertex = /
Match One Object to Another = shift v (MM hold) up


Zoom in mode = \ (hold) click and drag to toggle tap this key
Select camera in view = k


Light MM = l (hold)
Joint MM = shift X (hold)
Constraint MM = shift V (hold)
Convert MM = ?? need hotkey
Deformer MM = shift F (hold)


Duplicate object = ctrl d
Duplicate Standard = shift d
Combine = ctrl alt shift c
Extract = alt e

Extrude = ctrl e
Bevel = ctrl b
Append = alt \
Bridge = ctrl alt shift b
Poly Smooth (no face selection) = alt s
Add Divisions = ‘ (none previous)

Quad Draw (Tool Kit) = ctrl shift alt q
Quad Draw modifier keys (see hotkey notes toolkit window)

Multi Cut Tool (Toolkit) = ctrl q
Multi Cut modifier keys (see hotkey notes in toolkit window)
Edge loop split = ctrl alt e
Edge loop split from and to = alt shift e

Merge To Center = ctrl w
Merge to vert = ctrl shift w
Merge (with .001 distance) = ctrl alt w
Delete Edge = alt d

??Slide Edge = ctl alt shift s (hold shift to go in out)

Harden Edges = ctrl alt shift e
Soften Edges = ctrl shift e

Symmetry Toggle = alt m
Mirror (delete remake) polygon = shift m
Mirror (delete remake) UI = shift ctrl alt m
Mirror Instance X = shift alt m (good for mirroring closed objects like eyes)

Sculpt Polygon Tool = ctrl alt p
Sculpt Polygon Marking Menu options = u

Polygon Tool Marking Menu = o
Center Pivot = Shift c

Shapes Brush MM = ctrl shift q (user will have to setup)


Standard sculpt tool = ctrl 1 (sculpt mode specific)
Grab Brush = a (while in sculpt mode)
Grab Brush With Dual Function Pull Mode = h (hold for pull mode)(was toggle vis)
Wax Sculpt Tool = alt w
Freeze Brush = c
Unfreeze = shift c
Invert Freeze = ctrl c
Knife = ; (sculpt mode specific)
Pinch = x (sculpt mode specific)
Flatten = d (sculpt mode specific)
Scrape Brush = shift ctrl z
Fill Brush = shift alt z

Toggle Falloff Mode Surface/Volume = ctrl shift alt f


RRM Mirror = ctrl shift alt d
Match Rot and Pos = ctrl alt and shift ?
Zoo Align Selection Hotkey Prs = ctrl alt shift p
Zoo Reset Attributes = ctrl shift alt s
Zoo Selection Set Menu = u


Move pivot point = insert or home
Temporary pivot mode = ctrl f (recommended)

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