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Advanced Area – FACIAL FORM

Faces are undoubtedly one of the hardest objects to model. Our brains are hardwired to see any problems. I encourage to get students to start face modeling because learning facial modeling grounds a number of areas

– topology
– sculpting
– form
– refining models

If you can model a head well you’ll be on your way to modelling virtually any object.

For realistic heads a good knowledge of a sculpting program like Brush is recommended. But topology is still very important and can be crucial in perfecting sharp details around the eyes and mouth.

Of course we need good topology for animation see below and the pinterest links provided for more.

Pinterest Pages For Reference

Comic Faces
Facial Form
Realistic Faces
Modelled Hair

Gold standard for animatable facial topology

This wireframe by cgclay shows my favorite mesh flow for facial topology. More or less edge loops may be used depending on topology.

Clay also worked on a much higher res face, you can view the rig and animation here…

and here…

Creating a Realistic Head in Blender Kent Trammell (many hours)

Creating a Realistic Head in Blender


Animation School – AnimationSchool:Fave Proportions


Eat3D Mudbox Head Sculpting Part 1 of 2


Eat3D Mudbox Head Sculpting Part 2 of 2


Sculpting a mouth in ZBrush


ZBrush Mouth Sculpt from Barry Zundel on Vimeo.

Nice Stylised Male face in 3d

Zbrush boxer (decimated) (Click to view in 3D)

Zbrush boxer (decimated) (Click to view in 3D)

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