Learn The Entire 3d Character Pipeline…
Modelling | Rigging | Animation | Surfacing | Lighting

Learn the whole 3d character pipeline with this video course designed to take you efficiently through modelling, rigging, surfacing, lighting and animation. Build and animate your own characters here. 21hrs for just $10 per month.


Online Private Classes
Learn directly from instructor Andrew Silke a 3d artist who’s worked on films like Gravity, Avatar and Harry Potter. Online courses coming soon, please email Andrew directly for more information. andrewsilke@gmail.com

These classes will allow you to learn a variety of 3d disciplines giving you a total understanding of the 3d process. This allows you to become highly employable in both local and international industries requiring multi skilled 3d artists.


Student Success

Many of Andrew’s students are working in the industry. Virtually 100% of students have found work after taking 25 lessons or roughly one paid year worth of private classes so far.

Ben Bigiel, Andrew’s first student now works at Weta known for Lord Of The Rings and Avatar movies, arguably the world’s premiere visual effects and animation company. Email Andrew directly for more information. andrewsilke@gmail.com

Andrew Silke is a rare talent in today’s industry. He has that envious combination of being a stellar artist but also having the technical prowess to understand what’s going on “under the hood”. He has a great approach to teaching industry standards and techniques and always provides clear, concise examples when demonstrating them. I’ve been in the industry for over 3 years now and I owe a lot of my success to Andrew. I cannot recommend him highly enough if you wish to pursue a path to entering the industry.
Ben BigielWeta
About Andrew Silke
Andrew has 13 years experience as a 3d professional. He’s worked from small games studios to the biggest post effects houses in the world including Weta, Framestore and Animal Logic. Andrew’s credits include many movies such as Gravity, Avatar, Harry Potter and Happy Feet. Andrew has also won many awards for the Cane-Toad short film which he co created. Cane-Toad was nominated for an AFI award (now AACTA Awards) along with winning many film festivals. He’s trained hundreds of students both in private lessons and at various universities such as University of Technology Sydney, University Of Utah, The Australian Film And Television School, and The University of New South Wales.


While this site is being upgraded please contact Andrew through the messages section of the Create 3d Characters Facebook Page Or email him directly at andrewsilke@gmail.com

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