Create A Simple Rig

Rigging Basics

Main Area’s Of Rigging

Modelling (topology)
K methods

Parent Notes

Select multiple objects, the last object selected will be the parent.

parent = p
unparent = shift p

Constraint Notes

Constraints are found…

Animate Menu > Constrain >

The types we use commonly are
Parent (translate and rotation)
Point (translate Only)
Orient (Rotate Only)
Aim (orientation aims towards an object)
Pole Vector (for ik effectors, pointing the knee and elbow)

The last selected object is the one that gets constrained. This is the opposite of parenting.

While constraining objects, if we don’t want the objects to match up their position we must tick on

“Maintain Offset”

Deleting Constraints
Hit “f” to find the object in the outliner. Open up to see it’s children (+) and find the constraint it will have a ! icon. Select it and delete it.

Pole Vector
Pole Vector constraint must be constrained to the Ik effector. The IK solver of the effector must be the “RP” Solver

Hotkeys (while using andrew prefs)
Rigging Marking Menu = Shift x

IK Notes

Animate Menu > Skeleton > IK handle Tool (options)

Switch the solver to ikRPsolver under otions, we always use this as it has good pole vector control (where the knee or elbow is pointing).


Remember the “g” and “y” hotkeys. “g” is do last command and “y” is use last tool.


1. Preparing The Joints into a parenting structure

Some notes about the file and how it’s been created ready to add controls.

2. Constraining the Cut Up Mesh to the Joints.

How to constrain the mesh objects to the skeleton.

3. Parenting The Hip Controls

How to parent the hip joints to the hip control.

4. Aiming The Head

Aiming the head so it doesn’t rotate as the body moves.

5. Adding IK to the Legs

A simple method of adding IK to the legs

6. Adding Pole Vectors to the Knees

Creating Pole Vector Controls to point the knees.


Andrew Silke


1. Unzip the files
2. Open cutUpRig03_Ready.mb
3. cutUpRig03_Finished.mb finished rig
4. morpheusRig_v01.mb is a pro rig.

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