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Couple of Render Farm Options here, there’s a few around. I’ve had a lot of students use Garage Farm, it’s one of the cheapest and they’ve good support.

Garage Farm (on Amazon Cloud) (student recomended, Mental Ray VRay, possibly RM)

Ranch Computing

Rebus Render Farm

Google’s Render Farm Zync is coming online soon and will be supporting Renderman VRay and Arnold. Will have to see what the prices are exactly it looks like $1 per render hr but it’s hard to say exactly what the machine specs are. Anyways looks like if you sign up now you get $200 in render time free, up to $800 if you recommend people, maybe worth signing up.

I also did a quick comparison of two online farms using my machine as a benchmark. I’ve a 6 core/12 threads Intel Xeon, 829 on cinebench, Cinema 4d’s CPU benchmarker.

Seems like Garage Farm is by far the cheapest if you go off peak, that can mean waiting a week for renders. For roughly 30secs x 1hr (macpro) renders here’s what you’d be looking at in USD

Garage Farm
Low Priority = $252
Medium = $505
High = $1010

Rebus Renderfarm
Eco = $896
Business = $1141
Premium = $1964

Rebus comes with a much nicer UI system… Zync will have a nice UI too. Even Eco with Rebus would be quick to render I’d imagine. Low Priority on Garage Farm can take up to a week.

I don’t imagine that Google’s Zync will be cheaper than Garage Farm, so low priority Garage Farm could be a clear winner, many students have used and the support is good. Garage Farm’s using the Amazon Cloud’s off peak usage. Amazon is known to be cheaper than google.

At the date of writing this (Aug 2015) Renderman isn’t supported at all, but shouldn’t take long now. MR is supported by Garage Farm.

Renderman Compatible Farms

Renderman support is quite new and as such untested by students as of writing this in Jan 2016.

Zync – Google’s Render Farm (off google cloud)
Fox Renderfarm


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