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Rapid Rig Modular: Change Proportions

Please Note that this page is depreciated and is not supported in the C3dC Subscription

This page covers the resizing of a Rapid Rig Modular (RRM) rig. It’s useful for resizing lores geo rigs that can be used to easily skin hires meshes of varied proportions.

This technique requires little skin adjustment. We need to be careful to check a number of important factors.

– Be careful of naming conventions for the BraveRabbit skin importer
– Keep the vert numbers intact, no deleting merging of verts
– Keep the mesh symmetrical

In this demo I talk you through the entire process of scaling the skeleton and rebuilding the rig from scratch. Finishing with importing the skin weights and range of motion. 1hr sped up to 25 mins.

While scaling the rig I use the select hierarchy hotkey (ctrl alt shift z). Please note that translating joints on the nat skeleton does not mirror and must be taken care of manually.

The script Absym Mesh is used to check symmetry and to mirror non symmetrical verts.

As an optional tool, I use the Braverabbit SHAPES Brush which is free and also comes installed with SHAPES 2.0 if you’ve bought it. I also use SHAPES 2.0 to duplicate the skinned mesh. But this can be done manually.

Last script I use very quickly is Skin Wrangler, check out the youtube page here with links of where to download.

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