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Maya: Rigging ZooTools

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It’s always great to be able to build a biped rig quickly, but what about all the extras? The appendages, hair, pony tails, cuffs on clothes, ties and coat bottoms? This page repeats the building of the FK controls built in the last pages now applying them to a Zoo Tools rig.


This lesson shows you how to easily build these controls with fk and add them to any rig fast. It’s a continuation from the previous Joint Orientation and Curve Control pages, now we’ll be moving quickly.

Since we’re rigging with Zoo Tool’s Skeleton Builder we’ll also focus on a workflow specific to this auto rigger, but this page is still rig agnostic so you can use the information to mod up any rig.

Skeleton Builder requires that nothing is parented to the skeleton on rig build, so there’s an easy one click setup that helps us strip rigs down and rebuild them fast even if there’s hundreds of items parented to the rig.

We’ll also see how we can replace any curve quickly and easily customising the look of our custom fk controls easily.

Running Time: 35 mins
Software: Maya 2016
Instructor: Andrew Silke

Class Time: 35 mins

1. Adding Customised Controls To ZooTools Rigs (5:55 mins)

1.1 – Introduction (1:12 mins)
1.2 – Joint Alignment (2:30 mins)
1.3 – Adding Control Curves Script (2:13 mins)

2. Important Note: Issues With Parenting To The Skeleton (4:55 mins)

2.1 – Parenting Zoo Issues (2:00 mins)
2.2 – Parenting To Rig Workflow (2:55 mins)

4. Mirrored Joint Workflow (7:20 mins)

4.1 – Align Mirror Jnts (1:43 mins)
4.2 – Mirroring Control Look (3:20 mins)
4.3 – Parenting To Rig (2:17 mins)

5. Rigging And Customising Zanzi Timelapse (16 mins)

5.1 – Zanzi Example Timelapse (16 mins)
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