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This page is for Zoo Tools Pro known bugs/issues and work-arounds.

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Software: Zoo Tools Pro 2
Maya 2017-2020


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On this page, you’ll find Zoo Tools Pro 2 known bugs, workarounds and fixes. Please check here before reporting bugs.

Please be sure to have the latest version of Zoo Tools Pro 2 and the latest Maya Update installed.

Latest Zoo Tools Pro 2:

Zoo Tools Pro 2 Latest Version: 2.4.3
Check your current version with Zoo Tools (Menu) > Version (bottom of menu)
You can also downgrade on the Changelog Page .

Please use Zoo Tools Pro with the latest Maya updates:

Maya 2017 Latest Update: 2017.6
Maya 2018 Latest Update: 2018.6
Maya 2019 Latest Update: 2019.3
Maya 2020 Latest Update: 2020.4

If you do not see the bug or issue mentioned here please report it to the Facebook Group or email us at .



Zoo Install Issues – Foreign Languages
Install Conflicts
Maya 2020
Maya 2017
Zoo Windows
Zoo Shelf
Joints And Controls



Please note that most of the bugs we receive are due to Maya and not Zoo Tools Pro. Please read this section.

The Most Common Maya Issue – PLEASE READ
If you cannot find your issue on this page, please try to reset your “userPrefs.mel” which is the cause of the majority of Maya issues.

Maya is complex software and has many bugs of its own. Most Maya bugs are fixed by resetting the “userPrefs.mel” file, it corrupts, and you can easily fix it and it is unrelated to Zoo Tools Pro.

1. Close Maya
2. Then delete the prefs file (Maya prefs path) maya\2019\prefs\userPrefs.mel
Windows: It’s found in your Documents or My Documents folder
OSX: /Users/yourUsername/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya*
*OSX Note: To open the hidden Preferences directory:
Select Finder > Go, press Alt and the Library folder appears in the menu.
3. Start Maya and see if the issue has been fixed.

Resetting Maya’s Window Layout
For general UI issues try resetting the UI Windows > Workspaces > Reset “Maya Classic” To Factory Default.

Maya Manipulator And Snap Issues
For manipulator and snap issues, double-click on the move tool icon in the left sidebar and hit reset, repeat the same steps for the select, scale, and rotate icons.

The UV editor can also get stuck in snap modes. To fix open the UV Editor > Tools > Move (options), and reset the tool. Repeat for UV select, UV rotate and UV scale.

If Maya’s manipulator size gets too large or small, change the size with the “-” and “= keys”.


Zoo Install Issues – Foreign Languages

Zoo Tools shelves do not load after installing
Zoo Tools Pro currently supports ASCII characters in our file paths. Non-English characters that are not included in the ASCII character set ( ) will cause Zoo Tools Pro to fail. We are currently fixing this.

Please install Zoo into directories with only ASCII characters. Also check that your One Drive is not interfering and causing the non-ASCII path issues too.

Please contact us if this problem persists. We are in the middle of solving this and it affects a lot of our code.


Install Conflicts

CG Monks Conflict
We have a known issue with the CG Monks Toolbox . They have branched an old opensource version of Zoo Tools and include it in their code. So their old Zoo Tools code clashes with our tools. Zoo Tools Pro may not start with their tools installed. We recommend you disable their tools if you’d like to use Zoo Tools Pro v1 or v2.


Maya 2020

Docking Crash
There is a crash in Maya 2020 related to docking Zoo 2 windows to the Attribute Editor or Outliner Sections. Docked windows will appear empty and will crash Maya when removing them.

In Maya 2020, Please do not dock inside the Channel Box/Attribute Editor or Outline areas; you can dock beside these areas without issues.

We have started a major redesign of our UI code to fix this issue.


Maya 2020 – Fixed

Theme Colors Don’t Update – Fixed
Color Themes in the Zoo Preferences Window are now fixed in version 2.4.2. The colors will live update again.

Icon colors may require restarting Zoo Tools, will be fixed in 2.4.3. In prior versions, all colors needed a full reload in Maya 2020 and did not update live.
Zoo Shelf > Developer Icon (purple code icon)> Reload


Maya 2017

2017 Large Shelf Icons
In Maya 2017, the icons are too big. The icons still work, but they are scaled large and cut in half. The icon bug is a known Maya bug in 2017 and is not related to Zoo Tools. Please ignore this issue or upgrade Maya to 2018 or above.

2017 Arnold Issues
In Maya 2017 there may be some issues regarding the old version of Arnold. You can also upgrade Arnold for free to the latest version to fix these issues.


Zoo Windows – Fixed

Transparent & UI display Issues – Fixed
Graphics issues such as transparent UI windows are caused by upgrades from 2.2.3 and below.
Fix with…
Zoo Preferences Window > Theme Colors > Revert Theme To Default (the box icon next to rename)
Click Save then close and reopen any window.

If the issue persists, then follow the instructions in this video .

Zoo Windows Don’t Appear, No Errors – Fixed
There is a bug where Zoo Windows don’t appear, even though the Zoo Shelf installs correctly.

If you are on OSX, check the window is not behind Maya; we have fixed this in 2.3.9.

If you still cannot find the windows and there are no errors, it is most likely due to the Zoo Windows being on hidden monitors with dual monitors. We can reproduce this bug in rare cases when your monitors’ order is reversed, so the second (number 2) monitor is on the left-hand side.

Try rotating the monitors back, so the second virtual monitor thinks it is on the left, and re-open Zoo windows. Try placing all windows, any Toolset window, Zoo Preferences, and Zoo Hotkeys on the first primary monitor, then close Maya. You should be able to return to the flipped monitor setup.

We believe this monitor bug has been fixed in 2.2.3 and above; please report if this happens to you.


Large Zoo Shelf Icons

Zoo Icons Appear Too Big – 2017-2018
Maya 2017 has a known bug where the shelf icons are too big.

In Maya 2018 this is more rare and only affects certain machines.

This issue is a known Maya bug and is related to Autodesk and not Zoo Tools Pro.

Autodesk have fixed the icon issue in 2019 and 2020 2.1.0 (and above).



Docked Toolset Disappears With Fullsceen/Expert Mode
We have an issue where hitting ctrl space-bar and or shift space-bar for full-screen modes will kill a docked toolset window; the docked Toolset will disappear. In Maya 2020, removing these docked windows can cause Maya to crash.

The fullscreen hotkey bug has been a difficult bug to track down.


Joints Controls – Fixed

Controls Remain With Undo – Fixed
Controls were not undoing correctly in old versions of Zoo Tools. Now fixed in 2.4.2, please upgrade.


Hotkeys – Note

While upgrading, be sure to upgrade your hotkeys as well; you can do this after loading Maya with the button,

Zoo Preferences > Hotkeys > Zoo Hotkey Editor > Update Zoo Hotkeys

There will be a note in the Change Log if we have upgraded hotkeys.


Mirror Hotkey – 2019.0 – Fixed

Mirror Polygon – Fixed
The mirror polygon tool (shift M) is broken in Maya 2019.0; this bug is related to Maya and not to Zoo Tools Pro.

Autodesk has fixed this issue, please upgrade Maya to version 2019.2 or higher.


Zoo Tools Pro 2
Maya 2017-2020

Last Updated

September 2020