ZooTools Known Issues

Maya: Zoo Tools, Bugs And Reported Issues/Fixes


– PRIORITY BUG: Camera switching hotkey does not work
A) This just hasn’t been included in the C3dC prefs yet. Coming very soon! Just needs to be packaged

– MINOR BUG: Camera won’t switch between cameras of similar names persp and persp1
A) Workaround fix: rename the camera to something quite different, this is a naming issue and will be solved)

– MINOR BUG: The UI shimmers and doesn’t look nice. Or I can’t see it at all even though polygons are on and it’s not hidden.
A) Workaround fix: The trigger UI is affected by Maya’s clipping planes. You can manually set the clipping plane settings, under the camera shape node (attribute editor) > Camera Attributes > Near/Far Clip Plane
Defaults of .9 – 5000 are recommended but may need to be changed depending on scene size. The trigger UI has a clip plane value that needs to be only slightly higher than the Near Clip Plane. You can find it on the Character Name Selector (like on Zanzi it’s the ZANZI in the UI) then as a channel box attribute. This will be automated in the future.



– PRIORITY BUG: while right clicking on the ‘world’ control I can see ‘Mirror Pose’ ‘And Mirror Animation’ but these don’t seem to work.
A) Yes Mirror Pose and Mirror Animation are both not supported, this is something we are looking into long term, we’d love to have them working again

– MINOR BUG: While space switching the control moves incorrectly
A) Workaround fix: undo and try again, it will almost always work the second time and is rare. We’ll look into it, also happens in the Pose library from time to time, same workaround fix there too

– MINOR BUG: While selecting controls Maya will Error something to do with Attributes and MR (Mental Ray)
A) This error is annoying but has no effect on the rig. Clean out Mental Ray nodes from the .ma file or do not have the MR plugin loaded



– PRIORITY BUG: Animation Import is broken in 2016.5, no error given
A) priority bug that needs fixing

– SIMPLE ISSUE: Create clip is greyed out while creating first pose/anim
A) Fix: Objects must be selected and a library forld must have been created
(Clip Library > Libraries (top window) > Create New (Folder)

Create Clip (tab): ‘Store Clip Using All Controls’ and ‘Save World Space Data’ are recommended to be off
Apply Clip (tab): All checkboxes are recommended to be off except ‘try reverse handedness’

– MINOR BUG: Icon Generation Doesn’t work… OSX viewport bug with viewport anti aliasing on
A) Workaround fix: check AA off > right click > regenerate icon, then put AA on and repeat

– MEDIUM BUG: While importing a pose clip with a Skeleton Builder Rig in FK mode, the arms or legs may fail
A) Workaround fix: Deselect the hidden IK controls, they can effect the FK poses. Seems to be fine for importing animation, only affects poses and while keyframe animation already exists

– MEDIUM BUG: adding connections to attributes after exporting will break import of poses/animation
A) no workaround fix: remake poses or remove connections

– MINOR BUG: While applying the pose it’ll pose incorrectly
A) workaround fix: In most cases simply double click the pose again
Other cases see other bugs in this list. Can be added connections (yellow) or having saved/applied pose with wrong checkboxes on

– MINOR BUG: While Creating a clip with “Store clip using all rig controls”, if a Skeleton Builder rig is in the set and some controls are Custom, ie not part of Skeleton Builder those controls will be ignored.
A) Fix: check off while creating controls

– MINOR BUG: naked connections (yellow) that are keyable will be stored and will break on reimport
A) Workaround fix – make yellow connection non keyable or hide from channel box

– MINOR BUG: Can’t delete folders (Libraries > Delete) fails in OSX
A) Workaround fix is to delete the folders in the actual file directory… finder/windows)
(OSX path Macintosh HD/Users/yourUsername/presets/clips)

– MINOR BUG: Red Error when deleting all icons in a folder
# Error: zoo.zmaya.animation.ui_clipLibrary : Scriptjob callback failedTraceback (most recent call last): File
A) Workaround fix: reload zooTools… Zoo Tools (menu) > Developer > Reload All Zoo Tools

– MINOR ISSUE: After deleting clip folders from a drive, some are still visible in the UI
A) Fix: The Clip Library can store in local and global folders, there are potentially two folders ‘clip’ and ‘global/clip’



– MINOR BUG: Zoo Tools Reset Attributes doesn’t work sometimes.
A) The Zoo Reset Attributes is reliable but doesn’t handle objects sharing the same name, the fix is to rename.

– MINOR BUG: Zoo Tools Menu only appears on every second Maya Load
A) Workaround fix: restart Maya, this is most probably caused by a preferences corruption
(delete or reinstall prefs, not yet tested)

– VARIOUS TOOL ISSUES: While looking through the Zoo Tools Menu I have been playing with some of the other features, i can’t seem to figure some out or they don’t seem to work.
A) Yes many of the tools have various issues and aren’t supported though they still appear in the menus. Only the tools supported by videos are verified and fully operational

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