Introducing the Zoo Selection Sets tool, a streamlined solution to set based workflows in Maya.

With sets already prepared, the Hive Autorigger creates rigs that are ready to use.


Zoo Tools Selection Sets marking Menu.


Selection-sets can be arranged in complex hierarchies and unimportant sets can be hidden from the marking menu.


Natalie rig sets, unimportant sets can be hidden.


To create sets you can use the marking menu or UI.

With a tap of a hotkey (u), intuitively cycle through an object’s related sets.

Note: The Create UI seen below will be available from Zoo 2.7.4.


Create sets and tap the hotkey (u) to with a selection to switch to an associated set.


Use the UI to edit, add, remove, hide, and further assign icons.


The Zoo Selection Set UI.


You can assign any Zoo Tools Icon to the marking menu.


Assign any Zoo icon with the Zoo Icon Library.


No matter how many characters or props you have in the scene you can easily navigate through large scenes with namespace filters.


Filter large scenes with namespaces.


Sequentially cycle through sets arranged in alphabetical order, user priority or by the set hierarchy.

Tap and release (u) to cycle through sets that belong to the current selection.


Cycling is “alphabetical” by default. Tap the marking menu hotkey to cycle (u).


Set cycle based on a custom “priority” order. In this case reversing the order. Tap (u)


Set cycling with “hierarchy”, uses the parented order in the Outliner. Child to parent. Tap (u)


Previously selected sets are automatically remembered without a selection.


Sets are remembered if nothing is selected.


Work faster and smarter with Zoo Selection Sets.




In Maya, a selection set is a way to group and organize specific objects or components within a scene for easier manipulation and editing.

Selection sets can be created and modified in the Outliner or the Attribute Editor. They can include objects, vertices, edges, faces, curves, and other types of components. Zoo Tools improves the ease at which you can create and manage your sets.

Selection sets can be named and saved for later use, and they can be applied to various tools and operations within Maya. For example, you can use a selection set to apply a specific material to a group of objects, or to apply a deformation to a specific set of vertices.

Selection sets can also be used in animation workflows, where animators can use them to easily select and manipulate certain parts of a character or object over time.

Overall, selection sets provide a powerful and flexible way to manage and organize objects and components within Maya scenes.




Maya’s native selection sets are slow and clunky. Important functions are always hidden away in deep right-click menus.

The workflow is anything but intuitive, it’s difficult to add and remove objects.

Selecting the sets can be slow, and you find yourself hunting around looking for sets with many characters or props in a scene.




No more tedious button clicking when it comes to selecting sets. Simply choose your object and cycle through all related sets with a quick hotkey. It’s that easy!

Customize and manage your marking menu with easily selectable lists and curate them to fit your needs on complex scene. It’s never been easier to streamline your workflow with Zoo Tools Pro!


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