Zoo Tool’s Mirror Toolbox consolidates all Maya’s mirror features in a single, easily accessible UI.

This tool offers additional features that are not available in Maya.

With Instance Mirror, you can quickly mirror objects using the negative scale technique.

The Zoo Mirror Polygon button improves upon Maya’s Mesh Mirror tool by allowing you to centre the mesh seam and resolve common issues.

The Mirror Toolbox also serves as a handy hotkey instructor; hovering over each button reveals tooltips, and if available, the corresponding hotkeys for each function will be displayed.


Mirror Toolbox and hotkey trainer.




Locating the mirror tools in Maya can be challenging, and some features are missing.




Zoo Tool’s Mirror Toolbox adds all mirroring tools in one compact location.

We’ve also added two new features not available in Maya:

Zoo Mirror Polygon: An automated workflow for mirroring using Mesh > Mirror

Mirror Obj Instance: Automates the creation and management of instance mirroring.

The tool also addresses the issue of mesh-mirroring in object space, which fails to function correctly when the object’s transforms have been frozen.




Hotkeys are available in the Zoo_Tools_Default hotkey set.

Mirror Mode Toggle: alt m
Zoo Mirror Polygon: shift m
Mirror Obj Instance: alt shift m
Un-instance Selected: ctrl alt shift i




To use Symmetrize Mesh and Flip Mesh, you will need to have Maya 2019 or above.


2019.0 WARNING


If you are experiencing issues with Maya’s Mesh > Mirror feature in version 2019.0 (also used by Zoo Mirror Polygon), it may be due to a bug from Autodesk.

To resolve this issue, we recommend upgrading to either the 2019.2 or 2020 update.




This tool is part of a collection of modeling tools. Feel free to explore our additional tools in the Modeling Toolbox Suite.

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