Skinning Utilities adds Maya’s primary skinning tools in one handy location, new buttons extend Maya’s existing functionality.




Maya’s skinning tools are spread throughout many different UIs and can be challenging to find with many confusing options.

Some standard functionality is hidden or missing.




Zoo Tool’s Skinning Utilities adds all the standard skinning tools in one location and adds new functionality.



Functions not found in Maya.

Skin Transfer automates Maya’s Copy Skin Weights and automatically skins target object to the source’s joints.

Skin Toggle allows you to move joint positions after skinning.

Duplicate Original duplicates the mesh before it was skinned, great for fixing UVs or adding blendshapes.
Common Skin Functions.

Add Joints adds with zero weight and without locking.

Mirror Joints, mirrors skin weights with good defaults.

Skin Selected skins to the selected joints with good defaults.

Unbid Skin removes skinning on selected meshes.

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