Shader Swap is a simple tool that swaps shader assignments by shader name suffixes.

The tool is commonly used for using both renderer and viewport shaders on animation rigs.

Animators can use the viewport shaders and see their textures in the viewport, and then at render time, the shaders can be swapped to the final shaders.

This tool supports all shader types and all renderers.



Renderer shaders often don’t match the viewport and the renderer.

It’s still common to use different shaders for viewport rendering and another set for final rendering.

It’s time-consuming to switch between two sets of shaders.




Instantly swap between all viewport shaders and the final shaders with Shader Swap.

Name your shaders with any suffix, and the tool will swap shaders based on your suffixes.

All shaders and renderers are supported; the renderer and shader type does not matter.

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