Shader Presets is a mini-browser that quickly assigns from our library of shaders. You can also create, save, and manage your own.

This is a multi-renderer UI, where presets can be applied/transferred to all of our supported shader types.

Supported Shader Types:
Maya – lambert
Maya – blinn
Maya – phong
Maya – phongE
Maya – standardSurface (2020 +)
Arnold – aiStandardSurface
VRay – VRayMtl
Redshift – redshiftMaterial
Renderman – pxrSurface

Supported attributes (and similar):
– diffuse weight
– diffuse
– metalness
– specular weight
– specular
– specular roughness/glossiness
– specular IOR
– clear cloat weight
– clear coat color
– clear coat roughness/glossiness
– clear coat IOR
– emission weight (self illumination)
– emission

All shaders settings are native to their renderer can be used in vanilla Maya without Zoo Tools installed.

Textures are not yet supported. For texture support please use Maya Shaders where shaders are saved as .MA filetypes.

The Shader Presets are designed to be used in tandem with the Shader Manager tool, Convert Shaders , Randomize Shaders , Shader Swap and Convert Renderer .

Be sure to install the Assets Pack for access to all shader presets.




It’s slow to create and assign new shaders from a library in Maya.

Different shader types have varied complex UIs and are difficult use.




Shader Presets instantly creates, reassigns, and manages a shader library in a compact image-browser.

One simple interface handles multiple shader types.




Zoo Tools comes with fifty shader presets and you can add your own.

Shader TV Van (included). 3d by Bailey Smith , design by Anton Shameta .


A portion of the 50 included Shader Presets.

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