Don’t use the Hypershade window for everyday shading tasks, use Shader Manager.

Quickly create, assign, and manage shaders easily in this compact UI.

Supports Arnold, Redshift, and Arnold with identical GUI settings.

This tool is designed to be used in conjunction with Shader Presets and Convert Renderer .




Maya’s Hypershade window is slow and complicated for simple tasks such as creating/assigning/copying/tweaking shader settings.

It’s challenging to find the most common shader settings in the Attribute Editor.

Each renderer uses different UIs and attribute names for similar tasks.




The Shader Manager tool covers the most common shader related tasks in a fast, compact UI.

– Handles three renderers with the same UI.
– Instantly create and assign shaders for your renderer.
– Tweak the most common shader settings without clutter.
– Reassign, copy/paste shader settings.
– Shader search.
– Cycle through shaders to preview looks.
– Delete Shaders
– Select objects with shader
– Easily select shaders on objects
– Supports face assignment

Supports Arnold, Redshift, and Arnold with identical GUI settings.

Shader Manager can be used in combination with the Shader Presets tool.

Convert shaders to other renderers with Convert Renderer tool.




Shader Manager supports Arnold, Redshift and Renderman.

Supported shaders are the Redshift Material, Arnold’s Ai Surface Standard and Renderman’s PXR Surface.

The following shader attributes are supported.

Diffuse Weight and Color
Specular Weight, Color, Roughness and IOR
Clear Coat Weight, Color, Roughness and IOR

All shaders settings are native to their renderer can be used in vanilla Maya without Zoo Tools installed.

We are planning on adding Metalness, Emissive, Glass, and Subsurface Scatter settings.

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