Zoo Tools Rigging Miscellaneous tool features assorted rigging functions that don’t belong in our other tools.

Features include:

– Marking center pivots for snapping joint and guide pivot placements.
– Buttons for toggling object selection highlighting settings.
– Button for baking namespaces for game engine export.

Additional features will be added over time. See the settings section (below) for more information.




Maya is missing many handy rigging functions and we’ve included many of these in our other tools, but some features don’t belong in any particular group.




Zoo’s Rigging Miscellaneous is a UI that houses handy rigging features that don’t belong in other locations.




This tool is found under:
ZooToolsPro (Shelf) > Rigging Tools Icon (left-click) > Rigging Miscellaneous
Mark Center Pivot (Button)
Marks the center of the current selection with a locator. For example an edge-ring or other selection.

This can be handy for snapping other objects such as joints or guides.

Make a selection, objects, verts, edges or faces and run.

A locator will be placed at the center pivot.
Delete All Marked Pivots (Button)
Deletes all the pivot locator markers in the scene.
Selection Highlight Off (Button)
Turns off selection highlighting for all children of the selected object/s.

Handy for parented controls on animation rigs that don’t highlight their children.

Children will not be highlighted when the object is selected.

Requires Preferences setting:
Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Settings > Selection > Selection Child Highlighting > Use Obj Setting
Selection Highlight On (Button)
Turns on selection highlighting for all children of the selected object/s.
Children will be highlighted while selecting the object.
Bake Namespaces Selected (Button)
Replaces `:` characters in names with `_` for safe game engine export.

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