Randomize Keyframes randomizes animation keyframes.

Either randomize the selected keys in the Graph Editor or from the Channel Box selection.

Keyframes can be baked adding keys on every nth frame.

The size of the randomize can be adjusted interactively after running the tool.

This tool supports animation layers.

(Video Tutorial coming soon)




There is no way to randomize keyframes Maya.




Randomize Keyframes is a simple UI that allows you to randomize keyframes and set the random scale interactively.

Either select the Channel Box attributes you’d like to randomize, or the animation curves and run.




Select keyframes in the Graph Editor or use the Channel Box selection and run.
Graph Selection: Priority. Uses the selected keyframe’s frame range.
Channel Box Selection: Secondary. Uses the timeline settings.

Tweak the random scale after running. Click Done to finalize or to use another selection.




Bake Keys Checkbox
Bakes the frame range before randomizing. Uses the selected animation curves or Channel Box attributes.

Bake Frequency
While baking set new keys every frequency of frames. Default is 1 or every frame.

Playback Range Dropdown
Choose the time range to affect. This setting affects the Channel Box selection only.
Playback Range: Frames in the timeline while playing.
Full Animation Range: All frames in the min/max time slider setting.
Custom Range: User start and end frame.

Start/End Frame
Sets the time range to affect. Used by Channel Box selection only with this setting.
Enable Start/End Frame by changing Custom Frame Range in the dropdown menu.

Random Amount
Sets the vertical value range of the random noise. Type larger or negative values for more range.

Random keyframes
Randomizes the current selection. Prioritizes Graph Editor selection over Channel Box selection.

After starting this setting, the original curves will be remembered so the randomize can be adjusted after running.

Plus/Minus Icons keyframes
Increase/decrease the amount of random scale.
Hold shift: faster
Hold ctrl: slower
Hold alt: Reset

Reseed Button
This button is visible after randomizing. Randomize the keyframes again using the same values.

Reset Button
This button is visible after randomizing. Reset the keyframes to their original settings.

Done/Restart Button
This button is visible after randomizing. Applies the current values and clears the remembered curves from memory.
Use this button while randomizing a new selection.


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