The Numeric Retimer time-scales and ripples keys with various time-mode settings.

This tool is handy for scaling sections of time numerically for animation.

You can also use the tool for transferring offline-edit changes back into Maya scenes.

(Video Tutorial coming soon)




Maya’s re-time tool has no numerical input and lacks accuracy while re-timing.

Matching offline-edit changes can be difficult and requires manual calculation and many steps.




Zoo Tool’s Numeric Retimer easily retimes scenes numerically with various scale and ripple settings.




1. Select the objects you wish to retime.
2. Set the animation mode to affect, Selected, Hierarchy or Scene.
3. If in Selected mode then you may select keyframes in the Graph Editor.
4. Set the start and end time to scale.
5. Set your time scale.
5. Run.

The time will be scaled between the start and end frames and the keys after the time will be rippled to match the scale offset.




Animation Select Radio Buttons
Selection: Affects the selected keyframes or objects only. Prioritizes selected keyframes in the Graph Editor or if none are selected it will affect all keyframes of the selected objects.

Hierarchy: Affects keys on the selected objects and all their children.

Scene: Affects all animated nodes in the scene.

Start/End Frame
Set the start and end frames for the time-scale. The tool will scale keys in-between these times.

Scale Type Dropdown Menu
Set the scale mode:
Units: 0.5 is two times faster.
Percentage: 200% is two times faster.
Frames Per Second: 48fps (in a 24fps scene) is two times faster.

Time Scale
Type the amount to time-scale.

Numeric Retime Animation Button
Time-scales from the start-frame to the end-frame and ripples keys.




Ripple Push Keys
Moves keys after the end frame to account for the scale change.

Reverse Ripple Push
Reverses the push, instead will move keys before the scale-range while accounting for the scale change.

Snap Keys Whole Frames
After scaling will snap keys to whole frame numbers.

All Animation Layers
Include all animation layers. If off, will only affect the selected, or the base animation layer.


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