NCloth Wrinkle Creator builds wrinkles for both modeling and animation.

Unlike traditional cloth workflows, this tool creates wrinkles on objects that are already deforming with skinned geometry, blendshapes, or any of Maya’s deformers.

The resulting animations are art-directable without the need for complicated calculations such as gravity or collisions.

Bake, cache, delete, rebuild, or paint out your cloth model or simulation as you desire. Extrude cloth thickness instantly too.




Traditional cloth simulations require complex interaction with other objects and can be difficult to simulate and time-consuming.

Intersecting areas can buzz and destroy your simulations. Complex simulations aren’t ideal for fast modeling tasks.




NCloth Wrinkle Creator uses an artistic workflow that doesn’t need gravity or collision calculations.

Instead, the tool adds wrinkles to already deforming objects such as skinned meshes with animation.

Remove any unwanted wrinkles with painting tools.

This tool is also handy for modeling. Modelers can add wrinkles to objects with blendshapes and bake the animation leaving the wrinkled mesh behind.

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