The Alembic Assets tool (recently renamed) is an Alembic (3d model) thumbnail-browser that instantly creates and manages objects in a scene. Scroll down to see the included assets.

Also see our Maya Scenes for opening Maya (.MA) files.

Since the models are alembic files , they can be imported quickly and also support animation.

The alembic models are combined with our generic shader format while importing.

Supports Arnold, Redshift and Renderman.

Save your own objects.

There are 90+ models included with Zoo Tools Pro, see below.

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It’s handy to have a model library to add and replace assets quickly.




Alembic Assets quickly imports and cycles through alembic models based on their type.

– Model types include heroes, props, and backgrounds.
– Models can be tagged for search.
– Imported assets can be scaled and rotated.
– Easily select or remove assets from your scene.

Shaders are automatically assigned native to your renderer.

We will be supporting maya files like .MA and .MB shortly in the tool called Maya Scenes .




Zoo Tools Pro includes 93 assets; you can see a selection of these models below.

* License Type: Varies per asset.

Styracosarus 3d by Andrew Silke design by Javier Burgos . Dragon 3d by Andrew Silke, design by Ville Sinkkonen .
Chrustian Seaborn sculpt by Paul Braddock . Discobolus by Artist Unknown .


A portion of the included Hero Models and Backgrounds.


Royalty Free – Classic Sculptures by SMK , Thorvaldsens and STW .


A portion of the included Sculpt Base Meshes and Macbeth Chart.



Our assets currently support alembic (ABC) files and can be animated. USD support is planned.

Alembic Assets import/export to alembic ABC models which are a standard mesh format for transferring objects. Shaders are built/saved automatically for either Arnold, Redshift or Renderman.

Shader attributes supported are.

Diffuse Weight and Color
Specular Weight, Color, Roughness and IOR
Clear Coat Weight, Color, Roughness and IOR

More attribute and texture support is coming soon.




See other related tools, Light Presets , for creating lights and Create Turntable for creating spinning animated models. The Maya Scenes tool will open .MA and .MB files.

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