The Maya Shaders tool is a shader browser for .MA shader files.

Maya does not have a shader browser for managing shaders.

The tool is a work in progress. You’ll be able to save your own shaders soon. For now, you can manually save shader files.

Shaders can be any format and any renderer; the tool imports .MA files and then applies the shader to any selected geometry.

Video coming soon.




Maya does not have a generic shader browser.




The Maya Shaders bowser will allow you to import and later save shaders to a shader library.




Select a shader in the browser. Double-click to import the shader into the scene.

If geometry is selected, then the shader will be assigned to the selected geometry.

This tool is a work in progress and will have automatic save functionality soon.

Ctrl middle-click scroll to size the browser images.




This tool is in beta, and it is possible to save shader files to the browser manually.

1. Click browse button (world) and then navigate up to the maya_shaders folder.

2. Create a new folder of any name inside the maya_shaders folder.

3. Inside your new folder, save a Maya shader file .ma
– Select Shader in the Hypershade window.
File (Hypershade) > Export Selected Network

4. Refresh the browser dots menu > refresh, and you will see the shader in the browser.

5. To create an icon, screenshot a square image, for example, 512×512 (or any square size) and save it with the same name as the shader.
Example: (shader file)
myShader_arnold.jpg (image thumbnail)

Refresh the browser dots menu > refresh, and the image icon will appear.

6. You can add texture files to your new directory.

If textures are not found in the project path, Maya will find the textures in the same directory.

Note: The Renderer Dropdown Button filters shaders by renderer. You can save your shader names with the renderer suffix, and the tool will filter shaders by renderer.
_arnold _redshift or _renderman.




Search Textbox
Type to search for shaders. Delete text to show all shaders.

Image Browser
Select the shader you’d like to import, double click to import it.
Shaders will import and be assigned to any selected geometry.

Import Selected
Imports the selected shader into the current scene.
Shaders will import and be assigned to any selected geometry.

Info Button
Opens a readMe.pdf assigned to the shader if there is one.

Help Button
Opens a help page URL for the shader if there is a webpage.

Browse Button
Browse the files on disk.

Renderer Dropdown Button
Change the renderer. This button filters file names by their suffix, and it will and hide other renderer types.
_arnold _redshift or _renderman.


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