We are delighted to introduce the new Maya Scenes tool – your perfect solution for managing your Maya scenes.

With our quick-access browser, you can easily navigate through your Maya scene files and access commonly used assets with ease. Whether it’s rigs, prop and model libraries, cards, or default scenes, our tool has you covered.

Say goodbye to the hassle of saving, opening, importing or referencing your Maya files, with the Maya Scenes tool, it’s all just a click away. Plus, you can add folder locations anywhere on your computer or network for added convenience.

Our tool also allows you to easily organize your work by grouping and nesting folders within the browser into categories. With the Maya Scenes tool, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and take your Maya experience to the next level.

Scroll down to see the included assets.


Zoo Maya Scenes (.MA/.MB) browser, all assets here are also included.


Capture your scenes using the Zoo Tools Snapshot Replace feature, located in the browser’s dots menu..


Screengrab your icons with `Snapshot Replace`.


Don’t forget to take a look at our Alembic asset browser, Model Assets , as well.




You can access the assets included in our Site Subscription below.



Each rig comes with shaders for either Maya’s Viewport, Arnold, Redshift, or Renderman. Animation example scenes are included too.

* License Type: Non-Commercial. Self-learning, show reel, and short films.

Natalie (Hive demonstration rig), by Andrew Silke.


Octopus (spline rig demonstration), by Andrew Silke.


Croc rig (Zoo1 rig demonstration). 3d by Andrew Silke, design by James A. Castillo .


Robo (Hive demonstration rig). 3d by Andrew Silke, design by Guy Jamieson and Deanna Hewitt .


Zanzi (Zoo1 rig demonstration). 3d by Andrew Silke, design by Kim Allen and Chee Ghee.


Tortoise (Hive demonstration rig), by Andrew Silke.


Zoo Mannequin (Hive demonstration rig), by Andrew Silke


Sir Moustache (Hive demonstration rig), by Andrew Silke.


Robo Ball (Hive demonstration rig), by Andrew Silke.


Bouncy Ball (beginner rig), by Andrew Silke.




Rhino model and textures, by Andrew Silke. Viewport, Arnold, Redshift, Renderman.




Hair Rigs are included in the Maya Scenes browser. More Information.




Realtime Space Scene coming in our upcoming beginner course.




Assorted grid scenes for realtime and each renderer are included.




Search Textbox
Type to search for scenes. Delete text to show all scenes.

Image Browser
Select the scene you’d like to open or import, double-click to open the file.

Zoom the images bigger/smaller with ctrl middle mouse scroll.

Open Button
Opens the selected scene.

Import Button
Imports the selected scene into the current scene.

Reference Button
References the selected scene into the current scene.

Save Button (with right-click)
Saves the current scene into the browser.

Right-click for save and export options.

Browse Button (World)
Browse to the files on disk.

Renderer Dropdown Button
Change the renderer. This button filters file names by their suffix, and it will and hide other renderer types.

All will show all files.

Maya will filter based on suffixes by shader type.

_Maya _BLNN, _blinn, _STRD, _lambert, _LMBT, _phonge, _PHNG etc.

Arnold filters by suffix.
_arnold, _ARN

VRay filters by suffix.
_vray, _v-ray _VRAY

Redshift filters by suffix.
_redshift, _RS

Renderman filters by suffix.
_renderman, _PXR

Dots Menu

Open Help (Menu Item)
Opens a help page URL for the scene if there is a webpage.

Open Readme (Menu Item)
Opens a readMe.pdf assigned to the scene if there is one.

Refresh Thumbnails (Menu Item)
Refreshed the browser to match changes to files on disk.

Square Icons (Menu Item)
If on forces all square icons even if the images are non-square.

Snapshot Replace (Menu Item)
Opens a screen grab tool that replaces images on the selected icon.

Paste from Clipboard (Menu Item)
Replaces selected icon’s image as pasted from the clipboard.

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