Light Presets is a thumbnail-browser for creating light setups.

Double-click presets to cycle through light combinations and add your own too.

Over one hundred light presets are included.

This tool supports Arnold, Redshift and Renderman. All settings are compatible with vanilla Maya. We create lights that are native to your renderer.




It’s tedious to manually create and manage light setups in Maya.




Instantly create light setups by double-clicking an icon.

– Light can be tweaked and are saved natively.
– Save your own setups.
– Adjust the intensity for the entire light setup.
– Scale lights to the size of your model.
– Rotate the preset to create different looks.
– Instantly create custom thumbnails with our screen-grab tool.




Modify the presets with our other tools included in Zoo Tools Pro, HDRI Skydomes , Area Lights , Directional Lights , Edit Lights and Place Reflection .




Presets can supports the following light types for Arnold, Renderman, and Redshift.

Area Light Supported Attributes
Name, Intensity, Exposure, Shape, Normalize, Visibility, Color, Temperature, Translate, Rotate, Scale

Directional Light Supported Attributes
Name, Intensity, Soft Angle, Rotation, Color, Temperature

Skydome HDR (IBL) Light Supported Attributes
Name, Intensity, Rotate, Translate, Scale, HDR Image, Invert Direction, Skydome Visibility

We plan on supporting VRay and more light attribute types in the future.

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