Hive supports customized user names and comes with a new tool called the Hive Naming Convention. This naming UI allows Hive to more easily match studio naming and game engines.

Names can be set for any part of the Hive rigs. Joints, controls, groups, meta nodes, and layers are all supported.

Naming can be applied globally or per component.


Hive naming conventions are set globally or per component.


Add your own custom name settings, or choose from our presets. Once saved you can assign rigs to the presets in the Hive UI.


Hive with multiple naming conventions. Names are easily updated.


Name conventions in the Hive UI can also be overidden per component.


UE name convention overrides are set for the thumb and clavicle components.




Many studios and game engines require custom name conventions that differ from existing auto-rigger solutions.

Studios may manually rename control names but that can break animation tooling and cause other problems such as rig updates/rebuilds.

Other work-arounds include renaming skeletons on game engine export which either needs to be supported in the autorigger or in-house TDs are required to code this tooling themselves.




Hive naming is agnostic, all tooling is accessed by our Hive API independently of any naming.

The Hive Naming Convention Tool allows users to add their own name conventions and modify names without the need for extra coding.

All customized names are supported by Zoo Tools Pro natively.




Full documented tool settings are coming soon.

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