Hive Mirror Paste Tool copies and mirrors graph curves to mirrored objects (left/right); this is handy for animated loop cycles such as runs, walks, idles etc.

Note: This tool is limited to controls created by the Hive Auto-Rigger , please see Cycle Animation Tool which includes all the features of the Hive Mirror Paste Tool and supports other objects/rigging systems and contains additional tools.


Mirror Animation with Hive rigs. Select one side and run, controls are auto-mirrored.


See Cycle Animation Tool which includes Hive mirror and more cycle tools.




Its difficult to copy cycles from left to right inside Maya.




Hive Mirror Paste Tool speeds up cycle workflow by instantly mirroring animation from one side to another on Zoo Tools Hive Auto-Rigger rigs.




Hive Mirror Paste Animation in Compact Mode.


Start/End Frame (Numerical Entry)
Set the start/end frames of the cycle.

The start/end frames should match values/poses.
Example: 0-24 not 1-24

Offset (Numerical Entry)
The Mirror Animation buttons will offset by this amount in frames (time).

For example, a run cycle of 0-24 frames, the offset would be 12.

Mirror Animation Hive (Button)
Copies the currently selected Hive control/s animation and pastes it onto the opposite control with automatic mirrored behavior.

Use the offset value for alternating cycles like runs/walks.

Start and end frame should have identical values for cycles.
Example: 0-24 not 1-24




Hive Mirror Paste Animation in Advanced Mode.


Mirror Animation Pre/Post (Combo Drop Down Menus)
Sets the Mirror-Animation pasted animation behaviour.

The cycle type is important for mirrored offsets on animation cycles that may relative cycle etc.

Include Extra Attributes (Checkbox)
Include Hive’s extra (proxy) attributes? These are attributes that may belong to the component’s controlPanel node.

Limit Keys To Start/End (Checkbox)
Add keys on the start/end frames to match the source controls while maintaining offsets.
Animation outside of the frame range will be deleted, useful for cycles.

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