Use the Hive Export FBX tool to save the skeleton/mesh and any blendshape animation of a Hive rig to game-engines and other programs such as:

Blender and more.

Hive Export FBX strips out all the excess settings from a Hive skeleton, bakes the animation (if checked), and exports related meshes as .FBX. After exporting, the tool will reload the current file.


Effortlessly export rigs to other programs.




It’s difficult to export rigs to game-engines and other programs via FBX. Maya’s FBX exporter has many confusing options and errors can occur if the rigged skeleton and meshes have not been cleaned properly.




Hive Export FBX is a intuitive UI that will take a Hive rig, and strip it down so it can be cleanly exported as FBX to game-engines and other 3d programs.




This tool is further documented in our Hive Code Documentation.




Hive Rig Combo Dropdown
Select the Hive rig from the scene to export.

A Hive rig must be in the scene.

FBX File Path
Set the FBX file path that will be saved to disk.

Meshes Checkbox
Exports the geometry inside the group HiveDeformLayer_hrc on export.

Triangulate Checkbox
Triangulate all geometry inside the group HiveDeformLayer_hrc on export.

Game engines may require this setting checked on.

Skinning Checkbox
Exports skinning information related to geometry inside the group HiveDeformLayer_hrc

Blendshapes Checkbox
Exports any blendshape information related to geometry inside the group HiveDeformLayer_hrc.

Animation Checkbox
Exports FBX compatible animation within the frame range.

Start End Values
The start frame and end frame of the animation to be exported.

Custom Preset Dropdown
Select a preset setting regarding the software to export to.

Only affects World Up and FBX Version supported.

World Up Combo Dropdown
Export world up of the program receiving the FBX.

Some engines/programs support both Y or Z and you can use the settings in the receiving program to accept either.

Format Combo Dropdown
Export as a binary file or ascii?
Binary: File is compressed as binary code and is unreadable.
Ascii: File is exported as text, and can be edited.

Version Combo Dropdown
The version of FBX to export.
Many programs support older versions of FBX.

Export Hive Rig As FBX
FBX exports the Hive skeleton and geometry inside the group HiveDeformLayer_hrc to disk.

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