The Focus Puller tool conveniently manages camera depth of field (DOF).

Instantly build a focus rig that interactively sets the distance of in focus objects, or manually tweak the settings in the UI.

We currently support Maya’s default camera DOF settings, Arnold, Redshift and Renderman are supported.

Each render has its own bokeh settings.

Tool Author: Mitchell Marks




Camera Textbox and Arrow Button
Leave empty to affect the active camera in the scene.
Type or add a camera with the arrow button to add to a specific camera.

Ctrl Vis Checkbox
Show/hide the focus control in the scene, if it exists.

Plane Vis Checkbox
Show/hide the focus plane control in the scene, if it exists.

DOF Checkbox
Activates/deactivates the depth of field (Maya setting)

Distance Slider
The distance in focus from the camera in Maya units (cms default).
Uses the focus_ctrl control to measure distance in the scene if the rig is built.

FStop Slider
Primary blur control that sets Maya’s FStop camera attribute.
Lower FStop values will increase the out of focus effect.
Note: Use the Region slider to blur more if the minimum value of 1.0 is not low enough.

Region Slider
Secondary blur control that adjusts Maya’s Focus Region camera attribute.

Will artificially increase/decrease the focus/blur amount.

Smaller values such as .02 will de-focus further than the FStop value.

Ctrl Scale
Scales the Focus Puller controls larger/smaller if they exist.

Select Focus Control Button
Selects the focus control in the scene.

Select Camera Shape Button
Selects the related camera shape (camera settings) in the scene.

Create Focus Puller Button
Select the focus control in the scene if it exists.

Delete Rig Button
Deletes the current focus puller rig/controls if they exist in the scene.
Select any part of the rig or camera and run.
The focus controls will be removed.

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