Create Turntable animate-spins your objects with a single button click. This is useful for rendering turntables of your characters or props.




Create Turntable Button
1. Select a model group or object.
2. Click the Create Turntable button.

Your selected object will be animated as a turntable.

To spin the camera, group it first, and Turntable the new camera group.

Changing Settings
Change any settings and simply rerun the tool; the script will overwrite old animation.

Delete Turntable Button
1. Select a model group or object.
2. Click the Delete button.

All rotation animation will be deleted and the object will be reset to zero degrees.

Start & End Frame Values
The Start and End frames specify the start of the animation and the final frame. Usually the end frame is the total duration in frames.

Spin Amount Value
How many degrees the turntable will spin, usually 360.

Angle Offset Value
The Angle Offset is the start angle in degrees. You often want your model to start at -90 degrees so that ,the model spins front-ways past camera during the initial frames.

Reverse Check Box
The default spin direction is positive, so models will turn to their left. Checking Reverse on will spin models to their right.

Auto Set Timerange Check Box
Check this on and the timeline will set it’s start and end frames to match Frame Start and Frame End. Check this value off and the timeline will not change.