The Create HDR Skydomes browser allows you to create and cycle through an HDRI library instantly.

Saved lights are native to the selected renderer and can be opened on machines without Zoo Tools installed.

We currently support Arnold, Redshift and Renderman.




HDRI images in Maya are slow to create and change, and you can’t quickly cycle through images and test them live in your scenes.




The Create HDR Skydomes tool instantly creates and cycles through HDRI skydome images live in your scenes.




93 HDR images are included in our Asset Pack, download the pack on the Zoo 2 Install Page (members only).

You can add your own HDRI images and set the folder anywhere on your machine or network.

Thanks to HDR Labs , HDRI Skies and HDRI Haven for allowing us to redistribute their 2k skydomes. Please visit their websites to download higher resolution versions of the images.

Braverabbit has also donated a great studio skydome too.

* License Type: See the creator web sites for their license information.

Oris Watch by R. Chavez. Skydomes from HDRI Skies and HDRLabs


A portion of skydomes by HDR Labs .


A portion of skydomes by HDRI Skies .


A portion of skydomes by HDRI Haven .

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