Zoo Tools Convert Shaders tool converts between many shader types for Maya’s default shader types, Arnold, VRay, Redshift and Renderman. Texture support is currently missing and coming soon.

Instantly convert assets to new renderer types and geometry assignments.

Supported Shaders:
Maya – lambert
Maya – blinn
Maya – phong
Maya – phongE
Maya – standardSurface (2020 +)
Arnold – aiStandardSurface
VRay – VRayMtl
Redshift – redshiftMaterial
Renderman – pxrSurface

Supported attributes (and similar):
– diffuse
– diffuse weight
– metalness
– specular
– specular weight
– specular roughness/glossiness
– specular IOR
– clear coat color
– clear cloat weight
– clear coat roughness/glossiness
– clear coat IOR
– emission (self illumination)
– emission weight

Support for refraction, sub-surface attributes and textures is coming soon.




Maya has limited support for converting shaders on imported assets . Models downloaded from asset stores usually come with FBX generic shader types such as blinns or phongs which are outdated in modern renderers.

It’s time consuming to manually convert the shaders to your preferred shader type.

It’s also difficult to build and manage viewport-shaders and their rendered counterparts. (Also see Shader Swap )




Zoo’s Convert Shaders allows the user to easily convert shaders between the default Maya types and the major renderers Arnold, VRay, Redshift and Renderman.

Simply select the geometry or shader nodes and run. Shaders will be converted and automatically re-assigned.




This tool is found under:
ZooToolsPro (Shelf) > Shader Ball Icon (left-click) > Convert Shaders

Remove Existing Shaders (Checkbox)
Checking this option will delete the existing shaders from the scene after the conversion.

Convert To (Combo Dropdown Menu)
Select the shader type to convert to. Selected shaders are automatically detected.

Convert Selected To Shader Type (Button)
Select geometry or shader nodes and run to convert the shaders to the given shader type.

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