Control Creator is a control builder for animation rigs. Double-click the icons to build/replace control shapes. Grab the Assets Pack on the install page to add more preset shapes (included with Zoo Tools Pro).




Maya doesn’t have an easy method for building rig controls, you must manually build controls with NURBS curves which is painfully time consuming.




Control Creator comes with 200 pre-made control shapes, creates controls by double-clicking images in the browser window.

Dynamically change the orientation, scale and color of the curves. Break-off and move curves with the complimentary Edit Controls tool.

Rig joint chains automatically with options such as,

– Joint Shape Parent
– Constrain Obj Constrain Control
– Constrain Obj Parent Control
– Constrain Obj Float Control

Please note that the default action of Control Creator is to replace curves, to create new curves press the Create button.

See the other tools Edit Controls and Color Overrides that are designed to work in conjuction with Control Creator and add more functionality.

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