Change Rotation Orders is a tool that allows animators to convert the rotation order of any object to avoid gimbal animation issues.

Converting the rotation order will maintain the orientation for all keys in the timeline.

Our drop-down menu samples the frame-range to recommend the preferred rotation order/s with the least amount of gimbal.

In our auto-rigger Hive you can also change the rotation order by right-clicking on any control.

For more information about gimbal and euler rotation see this Youtube video .

A mini version of this tool is also found in the Animation Toolbox .





Changing the rotation order of any object in Maya in the Attribute Editor often leads to a change/s in the orientation of object/s.

No tool in Maya can change rotation order while maintaining orientation.




Change Rotation Order maintains the orientation of objects/poses while allowing the animator to adjust the rotation order so that it avoids gimbal issues.

The tool records the amount of gimbal from the animated timeline and suggests the setting with the least amount of gimbal.




Plug for Morgan Loomis’s free Convert Rotation Order switcher which also suggests the best rotation order.

A previous version of Change Rotation Order in Zoo Tools Pro 2 used Morgan’s opensource code. We’ve now rewritten the tool. Hamish McKenzie had also written a Convert Rotation Order in Zoo Tools 1 but it was in mel and not python.

Morgan’s tool queries the current frame for the recommendation, whereas our tool now samples the timeline to suggest the least amount of gimbal throughout the animation.




Time Range Radio Buttons
All Keyed Frames: Changes all keys in the timeline.

Timeline Only: Changes keys within the timeline only.
Order Combo Drop-Down Menu
Change the rotation order to one of the six xyz combinations.

The recommended order has the least amount of gimbal.

The script samples the timeline up to fifty times to calculate the least amount of gimbal.
Bake Checkbox
If checked on will bake on every frame.

Checked off will change keyed frames only.
Change Rotation Order Button
Changes the xyz rotation order of selected objects.

If objects have keyframes, the script will change each key to compensate for the correct orientation.

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