Camera Manager allows you to manage cameras in Maya without clutter.




It’s difficult to find and set camera settings in the Attribute Editor.

Maya’s cameras don’t fit into the viewport intuitively, making playblasts difficult.

Managing and setting multiple cameras is time-consuming.

There is a lack of good film-back presets for matching real-world cameras.

It’s difficult to fit image planes to your match the scene resolution.

You cannot set the scene resolution without opening other UIs.

Note: This tool has been updated since the recording of this video tutorial.




Camera Manager is a simple UI that manages Maya’s camera settings and adds more functionality.

– Simple UI with the most used camera settings
– Change multiple camera settings
– Fix viewport camera fit (Match Gate Ratios)
– Easily set and manage your film back settings
– Cycle through cameras
– Camera search by name
– Fit image planes to camera resolution
– Create floating viewports
– Duplicate cameras

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