Camera Manager allows you to easily tweak settings on a scene level and it fixes the way the viewport fits inside Maya windows making playblasts easy.

Cycle through your all cameras in the scene with middle-click scroll and search settings are included too.




Maya’s cameras don’t fit into the viewport intuitively, and the attribute editor is cluttered and difficult to use. You cannot set the scene resolution without opening other UIs.

Managing and setting multiple cameras is time consuming, and there is a lack of good film-back presets for matching real world cameras.




Camera Manager allows you instantly setup your scene so that the resolution fits intuitively for all cameras so you can playblast your scenes accurately.

We’ve simplified the layout for the most common camera settings and you set multiple cameras.

Cycle through all viewport cameras with middle-click scroll and you can search as well.

Easily fit image planes with non-standard resolutions.

Create floating viewport windows and duplicate viewport cameras too.

Manage the scene’s film back settings (new) with an updated list of film backs or add your own custom settings.

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