Bake Animation is a tool that combines Maya’s Bake Channel and Bake Simulation into one handy ui.

Baking in animation is the process of adding keyframes to every frame, it can also be used while baking constraints, space switching or for other purposes such as converting simulations into keyframes.

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Maya’s bake keyframe UIs are large and cumbersome.




Zoo Tool’s Bake Animation is an intuitive UI that allows you to bake keyframes effortlessly via selection.

It allows the user to bake simulation via selected attributes in the Channel Box, or bake animation curves using the selected keys in the Graph Editor.



Select the objects you wish to bake then and then select either,

1. Graph Editor keyframe selection. (The time range setting is ignored)
2. Channel Box selection.
3. If no channels are selected will bake all attributes.

Run by pressing Bake Animation.




Time Range Dropdown Setting
Choose the time range to affect. Used only with Channel Box selection.

Playback Range: Frames in the timeline while playing.
Full Animation Range: All frames in the min/max time slider setting.
Custom Range: User start and end frame.

Start/End Frame
Set the time range to bake, the Time Range drop down setting must be set to Custom Frame Range.

Bake by setting keys every frequency of frames.

Include Shape Nodes
Include shape nodes attributes; this setting is used while baking all attributes, with nothing selected.

Bake Animation
Bakes the animation with current settings.

Euler Filter
Euler Rotations for fixing flipping rotation keys. Will fix gimbal lock flips after baking.
Select objects and run. The object’s rotation values will be affected.


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