FK Joints With Controls

Maya: Rigging, Manual

In This Class You’ll Access…
This fundamental rigging class is for students wanting to build FK joints with controls. We’ll move through this page slowly so it’s a great starting point even for those unfamiliar with rigging basics. We’ll work through the creation process manually step by step, and then see how it can be automated with scripts.

It’s super handy to be able to modify rigs for custom appendages with simple FK chains. Great for eyebrows, pony tails, pieces of hair and cloth. Custom facial rigs, belts cloth appendages and much more.

We’ll cover joint creation in full, and see how the process of building joints can be broken into 6 simple steps. We’ll learn about some basic joint information like orienting joints properly and techniques for building joint chains.

Parenting Joints shows us how to parent joints to curves and groups to zero out transforms and create controls. We’ll also look at more efficient methods like shape node parenting. This is all core information about Maya and rigging so great for animators and modellers who are only curious about rigging.

Then we’ll look at how to automate the entire process so FK joint chains with controls can be built and fully rigged in under a minute.

Running Time: 1:27 hrs
Software: Maya 2015
Instructor: Andrew Silke

Class Time: 1:27 hrs

1. Joint Creation and Orientation (18 mins)

1.1 – Place Pivots (1:54 mins)
1.2 – Freeze Transforms (1:30 mins)
1.3 – Orient Joints (6:42 mins)
1.4 – Roll X Values (3:29 mins)
1.5 – Roll X Values (3:39 mins)
1.6 – Mirror Joints (1:27 mins)

2. Curve Controls as Parents (10 mins)

2.1 – Match Controls (4:22 mins)
2.2 – Zero Hierarchy (4:28 mins)
2.3 – Lock Hide Attributes (1:27 mins)

3. Selection Highlighting (2:43 mins)

3.1 – Selection Highlighting (2:43 mins)

4. Shape Node Parenting (19 mins)

4.1 – Understanding Shape Nodes (5:31 mins)
4.2 – Parenting Shape Nodes (5:28 mins)
4.3 – Parenting To Joints (8:51 mins)

5. Fast FK Setup With Scripts (6:20 mins)

5.1 – Fast Joint Creation (1:58 mins)
5.2 – Controls With Scripts (4:22 mins)

6. Follicles and Parenting to Vertices (10:00 mins)

6.1 – Follicles (3:04 mins)
6.2 – Parenting To Follicles (2:34 mins)
6.3 – Follicle Solutions (4:22 mins)

7. Zanzi Example (20 mins)

7.1 – Joint Creation Zanzi (12 mins)
7.2 – Zanzi Skin And IK (7:53 mins)
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