Bug Free Models For Rigging And Exporting

Maya: Modeling Fundamentals

In This Class You’ll Access…
This class ‘Bug-Free Models For Rigging And Exporting’ is a lifesaver when it comes to the confounding mesh issues that seem to crop up in Maya. People who skip this class tend to regret it later. Better to fix mesh issues here rather than later when things can be a lot trickier to solve!

There’s a lot of jargon explained on this page, the good news is all the points are easily understood. Terms like non-manifold and vertex-normals are simple ideas. By understanding these terms you’ll save days of hassles.

You’ll find how to check for perfect symmetry, cleaning out mesh bugs. Fixing common mesh issues like doubled up polygons, flipped normals, unlocking normals and other areas that commonly cause headaches.

So take the short 35 mins here and save yourself all the frustration down the track.

Running Time: 35 mins
Software: Maya 2016
Instructor: Andrew Silke

Class Time: 35 mins

1. Checking Symmetry (4:38 mins)

1.1 – Checking Symmetry (1:46 mins)
1.2 – More Mirror Issues (2:52 mins)

2. Cleaning Meshes With Objs (4:46 mins)

2.1 – Fixes With Obj (1:13 mins)
2.2 – How Obj Exp/Imp Works (2:47 mins)
2.3 – Load Obj Plugin (46 sec)

3. Fixing Common Mesh Issues (7:21 mins)

3.1 – 3 Major Mesh Bugs (1:46 mins)
3.2 – Mudbox Error Check (1:48 mins)
3.3 – Fix 3 Mesh Bugs (3:47 mins)

4. Doubled Up Polygons, Extruding Issues (4:16 mins)

4.1 – Extrude Doubled Polys (2:24 mins)
4.2 – Doubled Polys Fix (1:52 mins)

5. Flipped Normals, Vertex Normals, Bugs (9:49 mins)

5.1 – Face Normals (2:33 mins)
5.2 – Face Normal Fixes (1:18 mins)
5.3 – Bridge Mesh Bug (1:47 mins)
5.4 – Fix Dark Issues (1:24 mins)
5.5 – Vertex Normals Explained (2:47 mins)

6. Rigging Model Preparation: Zanzi Prep (4:57 mins)

6.1 – Rig Preparation (4:57 mins)
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1 Comment

  1. Denis Kovalev
    April 14, 2020 at 8:14 am ·

    Hey Andrew,

    All three scripts you are mentioning in this section videos are no longer available. Creativecrash.com/highend3d.com has been down for a long time now. And even if they were available I’m not sure if they would be compatible with Maya 2020.

    I wonder if you have any alternate options especially for obj import/export script and absym mesh you are using today?


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